Let’s take a look at DMT so called spirit molecule

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Today I would love to take a look at DMT and maybe get something out of this conversation.

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I’ve been looking into it for a quite a while now.

As you may know that DMT comes from the roots of a plant 🌱
It may be consumed in a few ways thru my knowledge:
1.Like a tea
2.Smoke it.

To get this one tea is possible in Peru and a few other countries where is grows around the Amazon forest.

To smoke it you can get the substance from a black market I’ve heard.

My following question 🙋‍♀️

Where to find it in a marketplace that delivers in Europe?

If anyone knows I’ll highly appreciate this info!


I have heard that DMT is actually in everything. Humans just have something that blocks it. The Ayhausic tea in the amazon is made from a substance that is very high in DMT, but it is also made with another plant that takes away our ability to block the DMT effects.

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Yea that’s correct!
We have by default in our system.
There is no way to have an experience about certain things/drugs etc if we don’t have it flowing through our system.
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Nice to read about this...
Interesting 🧐
Namaste 🙏
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It might be worth the research to see what local plants in occurs in naturally, then research ways to isolate it from those plants. Doing it that way would also produce a product that you know exactly what it's made from and where it's sourced.

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Thank you 🙏
Good tip ;)
Namaste 🙏