Did a Lack of Access to Affordable Natural Medicine Kill Him?

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It's a death sentence, they say. Pancreatic cancer, with secondaries in liver and both lungs. 2-6 months, get your affairs in order, they said.

My friend, Andy, died yesterday in the United Kingdom, just 12 short weeks after being forced to return to the UK and stopping his natural medicine regime.

He was diagnosed here in Chiang Mai in March, 2020, and started both chemotherapy and an aggressive natural medicine regime, which he and I developed and managed together. It was a trial and error process but we had it working.

He started with a blood cancer cell reading of around 4950 (the "norm" base reading in a healthy person is considered to be 15-30).

In addition to chemotherapy, he was aggressively taking:

  • Cannabis Oil from the Thai Government Cannabis Clinic
  • FECO (full spectrum organic cannabis oil - 1g- 2g a day)
  • Reishi mushroom extract
  • Massive Vitamin C infusions
  • Vitamin D intravenously
  • Andrographis paniculata
  • Black Garlic
  • Turmeric in industrial proportions
  • Ginger
  • Organic Green tea extract
  • Vitamin B injections
  • Daily probiotic and cultured foods
  • and a handful of other supplements & herbs

He changed his diet as radically as he was able, but seriously could never quite give up the carbs or the meat-fish. He and I had endless hours of debate about "just a little bit" and what that meant.

He tried to meditate but honestly, he was a stress bucket. He got himself Baptised as a Catholic, just to be sure, so he could be guaranteed of being reunited with his deceased catholic parents.

But what he needed more than all of these things, was constant reassurance that healing was possible.

I love this photo of Andy together with the Thai doctor at the Cannabis Clinic, the first day we went. He felt safe in the knowledge that "a real doctor" thought he was able to heal.

Andy with his Thai Cannabis Clinic doctor - June 2020

And so he came to my house several times a week. For pep talks, to debate the ins and outs of yet another obscure herbal treatment, to supervise FECO production and to talk to me about healing. His constant question? "Do you really think I can beat this?"



By December 2020, Andy rang me triumphantly after his scans - his blood cancer reading was back down to just 27 - and both the primary pancreatic tumor and the liver tumor had shrunk by half - no change to the small lung tumors at all. I told him NOW is the time to stop chemo, before you pivot into that spiral where the immune system can't claw its way back. But he simply wasn't able to let go of the chemo crutch.

Luckily for Andy, Chiang Mai Thailand is an incredible place to affordably buy and use all manner of cost effective natural medicine treatments. he bought and used everything he could find and also started regular acupuncture with a skilled Thai practitioner here - also a NORMAL part of the Thai hospital system.

And then came the terrible crunch in March. The travel insurance company refused to keep paying for Andy to stay here in Thailand, and insisted he be repatriated to the United Kingdom to release them from the treatment liability cost.

Three failures to repatriate him due to red-amber travel issues and their legal requirement for a medical escort. But finally, in May 2021, Andy was put on a plane to the United Kingdom alone. With no prospect of an income once his travel insurance payouts stopped.

I will never forget his call to me the week he arrived back. "300 bloody quid for a vitamin C infusion!! I'm fucked! I'm too tired to work and I have to sell my shares to be eligible for any benefits. It's gonna be months before I can get any sort of an income." He had an appointment with the UK oncologist, who was far more pessimistic and negative. They offered him only palliative chemotherapy, to make him comfortable.

It took 9 months to get him from a terrible diagnosis to a normal blood cancer reading. And he was well enough to be out in the sunshine, on his beloved motorbike, most of the time, enjoying the time he had. But it took only 13 weeks back in the UK to kill him.

Why? Lack of affordable natural medicine treatments, and mindset.

I have NO DOUBT that had Andy been able to stay here in Thailand, he would still be well and be rolling up round about now for a nice pot of organic green tea and a chin wag about healing mushrooms, the Simoncini Protocol (which he resisted to the end) and how he wanted to start a charity for improving access to natural medicine for people with cancer.

I was deeply saddened by his passing yesterday.

Rest in Eternal Peace, my friend. You were always healed, but just couldn't allow yourself to believe it. Funnily enough, I can SEE you smiling and acknowledging that, right now. And you know what? It doesn't matter anymore. Your spirit lives on, you are loved and remembered by many, and you are part of the world's natural medicine story, inscribed here for others to learn from.



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Doesn't surprise me the prices in the UK are ridiculous, how sad, I loved the idea of trying to make this medicine more readily available but shame the medical system failed him. Rest in Peace.

So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. That is so horrible to hear about the cost of a Vitamin C infusion costing so much! They say western medicine is the best, but how can that be when so many just choose to say fuck it because it costs so much. I’ve seen that so many times.

Hello @ artemislives, I'm sorry for your loss, a lot of strength, I assure you that Andy is very grateful for the moments you shared.


So sorry about the loss of your friend. May his soul Rest In Peace

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This is so sad , but chemotherapy is way too agressive , he should have chose
Because at the end he died anyway , sad .
Cutting all sugars because they feed cancer ( inflammation ) is a must .
RIP Andy 💐

Thank you for telling me.🙏🙏

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