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RE: Planting some Big Mack seeds and prepping the shrooms for growth

I'd like to teach you an old trick. I'm going to assume you can legally grow magic mushrooms. Dig a hole in your yard [a friends yard, the woods etc.] and throw some extra vermiculite, perlite, brown rice flour etc [all the stuff you used]. Then when you get a patch of mold or a bad delivery you can just plop it into the ground and you might get some growth each spring[ and the tub AFTER you grow]! Especially if you check what ZONE you live in and if its the same as where they grow wildly.

As far as the actually indoor grow you are doing .. it looks excellent. just make sure to spray quickly and also keep an eye on the top inside of the lid. For some reaason droplits from the top of the lid get contaminated somehow. If you get any mold [even after the first flush] just throw it out. Some sites will say you can cut out mold and just put in more vermiculite... but trust me: It's a losers game to try and remove even a tiny bit of mold. That's why it's good to have an outdoor hole... you feel less guilty throwing it out.

Phew that was a mouthful ... you are doing great for a beginner!