Gardener Badge Airdrop!

All my plants are growing tall, and the weather is finally starting to cool down. Fruit trees, hops and hemp. 2021 will be another successful harvest. I have decided that now would be a good time to pop by the #Hive blockchain and do a #gardener badge airdrop! Hopefully you didn't forget about the badge! :) Let's do this. Harvest time is almost here. Time to start growing the #gardener badge accounts [like you dear reader]. If you do NOT have the #gardener badge skip to the end.

It has been a while since I interacted with the #gardener badge and I have given out really small amounts before: So today I decided to give EACH BADGE MEMBER 100 LOTUS! I sold some of my #dogecoin and decided to spoil all of you. After all it's the only badge I have created and it is special! [Thanks again to @bdvoter].

100 #Lotus is the perfect amount to begin blogging on

Gardener Badge Members.


Comment down below to be considered for the gardening badge if you are NOT on this list. Must have garden based blogs/content.


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I have a garden at home on the windowsill!
I’m going to blog about it.
But so far, I’ve only written one post...
About growing a cucumber on the windowsill...
Here he is:

I really want the Gardener’s Badge!
But so far very little time has passed since the creation of my account on Hive (June 2021).
I don’t know - do I deserve a Groundskeeper badge?

If you do NOT have gardening content and you want the #gardener badge: Post a few pictures here of your garden and I'll give you the badge. That goes for everyone here.

P.S I'm having trouble finding my cold stored badge password. Give me a day or two and everyone here will get the badge [I have to follow you with the badge account to give you the badge].

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P.P.S join this server for more gardening fun! :)

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Thanks @a1-shroom-spores! ;)


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I would like the gardener badge!

Thank you very much @a1-shroom-spores for the gardener badge, which I will proudly use, and thanks for the 100 Lotus, your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Please consider me and add in list...
I Am posting some time about me little garden (not often).

I made a mistake.
You have the badge already.
You received the 100 lotus.
I just didn't tag you for some reason.

a1-shroom-spores transferred 100 LOTUS to guurry123 c82c5f5 a day ago

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O wow thanks..
May I know the reason ot to tag?

"for some reason" means it was an accident. It must be local slang sorry.

For all your efforts...

@tipu curate

Que belleza gracias @a1-shroom-spores por este bonito obsequio.

Hey man, id like one of those nifty badges.

Very cool @al-shroom-spores, thanks so much for my #gardener badge, an honor!

Thank you!

Thanks @a1-shroom-spores ❤️

❤️ You are welcome.

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Many thanks....

I am honored to see myself on this list. !PIZZA



@a1-shroom-spores! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @qwerrie.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (2/10)

I like gardening. I grow a couple plants.


It looks like you missed me for the badge.
Gardening is what I write about half of my posts about. 😊
Here's the link to my latest post, I just put it up...

Hey @a1-shroom-spores, here is a little bit of BEER from @trayan for you. Enjoy it!

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