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Over 70 stock images of THC Cannabis and concentrates, Big news some of these images are becoming NFTs Ill post a link with all the details at the end.

Live resin Not dabs or wax but live resin average of 77% THC


Gelato THC 20% 55/45 Indica dominant- 2


Dead Head OG

sativa dominant 60/40, Lineage Chemdawg 9 + SFV OG Kush= Dead Head OG 20%THC 2 pictures
I asked last week what purpose could photos like these serve, Well since then I made NFTs using the royal gorilla photo and info from last Fridays post. Minted on atomic Hub The first ten made I'm giving away this Saturday 2/27/2021 To the first ten users to like re-blog and leave their wax wallet address in the comments Of my Saturday weedcash post titled Launch!! Here's where to get a wax wallet There are only 10 NFTs for the give away Saturday its first come first serve after that Cronic Cards will be available on croniccards1 is the name of the collection if you want to search it instead.


really nice photos!! The tri combs are so dang gone beautiful!!

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