Cannabis Chalice Live on Stage with Illuminati Congo - HEADLINER VIDEO - Part 9 of the Cosmic A.R.T. Truth-Hop Showcase

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You ever seen an emcee dance with a stuffed giraffe? This man lights it up live in more ways than one, and is quite the entertainer. The vibes @IlluminatiCongo emanates at any event he performs are always filled with exuberance. He is humorous, spiritual, gets down with "the good stuff", and makes sure to bless his chalice (and all beings present) before igniting the divine plant medicine Cannabis Sativa on stage prior to performing. WE are ALL about that Canna-hip-hop-life ova hur!


This homie who hails from Chicago is a pleasure to hang out with as well - SUPER chill dude. Like many of us around here, he is also super into crypto-life, and even created his own physical NFT limited edition oversized coins that get you VIP/backstage privileges at all his shows... he also seems to have amassed a following, which is well deserved. His groovy/funky talent is evident all throughout the video, and you can clearly see why he was headlining the show. I am looking forward to performing/collaborating with this amazing individual on the flip side. Bless n' blaze up!



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Click Below for Video from Illuminati Congo's Set



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That's sick! Hopefully here soon we will be able to mint our own NFTS here on Weedcash

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Community is already on it bro -

Yeah it will be like that but for Weedcash. :)

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Damn, What a spectacular challenge. I love this.🔥😆

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Do you mean the album art contest? If so, I just posted an update here.

Okay, Thanks for the update.

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I like how you got the image to change. Very nice. What do you use for the gif?

A Program called PhotoScape. It's free and awesome.

Thanks, bye giffy.