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Hi there, i am really happy to part of this community.

My name is Graham and I am 47 years old. I am a DJ and producer from Scotland and I have been organising outdoor Free Parties and Festivals for almost 20 years under the name The Drum Clinic Sound System.


I have been growing weed for over 30 years now !



Most of that time i was growing indoors in Scotland illegally. However everything changed a few years ago when my wife Ruth and I bought a massive truck and moved to the south of Spain where we live off-grid with a community of travellers, punks and hippies in a beautiful location in Andalusia.


Since moving here we have been trying to grow some veg and herbs including tomatoes, spring onions,strawberries, melons and basil among others.



Here is a selection of pics from my outdoor grow this year.










Peace, G.

#Edenbuxx #offgrid #weed #cannacurate


Great intro!

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Thanks man..😎

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I hope life is chill out there! Enjoy yourselves!

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Yeah its very chilled here...even with the lockdowns.! Peace, G.

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Hey, nice to meet you, Graham! :)
We've been organizing free open air parties & fests here in Bulgaria too! :)
8 years ago we stopped,because our crew "dissolved" :D but now we're gathering as a new international tribe and I believe it would be awesome to meet each other with yours! :)

btw, beautiful crops out there! good job! ;)

Thanks man, yeah it would be great to link up 😉

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Yeah I perfer outdoor buds myself. That's some serious purple. Is it an autoflower? @ecosaint

Thanks for introducing yourself to #edenbuxx. We are 420 friendly obviously. 😎🌱 I've been growing outdoor for 10 years. So im biased but outdoor just seems so much better. Not to mention hanging out with the plants! Your space looks amazing. Nothing wrong with having a nice outdoor chill spot especially with the grow! It pulls the whole space together lol.

Thanks man 😁 yeah I love growing outdoors now..its so much better 😉 the purple bud is called Red Mandarin from Sweet Seeds. That's a fast flowering version.

Peace, G.