The Nomadic DJ Ep002- Setup Overview and Scratch Session

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Felt the itch this morning to play around with my portable scratch setup because you know, the nomadic life needs you to be portable, lol.

Finally got my small audio interface working right so it is now game on! In this video I go over my setup of my Numark PT01 Scratch turntable and the customizations and such I have done to it. Then laying out a little scratch session for you while getting my head right with some Gorilla Glue #4 Sugar Sauce and some good coffee.

Backing track by Kodak on the Mixfader Looper app.

Hope you enjoy!

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That was a very entertaining little documentary :) Some nice scratching (though I hardly know anything about starching, and may not be able to hear good from bad... but still, I enjoyed it!). What I released is you play a track and use a special scratch record. Never thought this is one way of scratching. But I may be mistaken, since as mentioned, I dont know anything about scratching :) Love the scratch vinyl, the eye... At times I almost felt the needle going over my own eyes hahaha {just joking, all good :)}

I never saw DJs using a knob as a fader, hence I'm very surprised this deck doesn't come with a real fader. What were the manufacturers thinking? Guess you need to start advising them!

Am about to buy a new laptop, and when I have it, I'll plan to spend time to learn how to make videos like your intro. So far, I use Powerpoint for some simple pitch and explanatory videos, but like to up my game. I may be able to get more from Powerpoint, but am very interested in other useful tools. What tool(s) did you use to create the intro? And to edit and mix the entire video?

Sugar paste: A buzz? Must be more than just sugar :)

Loved your post! I hope it gets some more HIVE whales to slap some votes at it!

Thanks for the feedback! I used Keynote and iMovie on Mac to make the intro. As far as the table is concerned, this particular table is built with this specific purpose in mind. It really doesn't have a mixer in it. I have a different set up for like long format mix sets where I use an iPad and a mixer controller. It's all digital at this point. I have tried to use both of my little tables to mix records using a mixer in between them, but they aren't built for mixing like a larger table.

Keynote and iMovie on Mac

Have these tools as well, since am also a Mac user (saw already you rmac in the video, in one of the side pockets of you van). But never really tried to use Keynotes. Guess because in my work I always used Powerpoint. Anyway, thanks for sharing and as a result, I'll give Keynotes a go.

Hit me up on BeeChat or discord if you need any help with Keynote, I spent 8 years of my career teaching it for Apple.

Thanks a million! 🎶