Can Cannabis actually help to connect on a deeper level with other people?

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Nowadays, marijuana is not just for pleasure but also as a tool to succeed in every recreational activity you thrive. Aside from medical purposes, its consumption has been widely known for boosting your attention and even the deeper connection towards your work or to other people. But one must ensure that what he’s buying is of a great quality he was expecting to just like what a Canadian seeds bank guaranteeing to their every customer. Pot lovers like composers and singers have created songs that could go for generations, actors and actresses had survived their very hectic days without getting stressed and go for days just fine, and even players that are into games that require strength and durability tend to stay on the field than the others who aren’t pot lovers. Marijuana induces your brain to release the neurochemical which provides the consumer the signature calm and euphoric feeling, termed dopamine. It also assists in lessening your inhibitions and turn off your “inner-editor” while initiating a broad range of communicative marks. People psyched on marijuana usually represent their thoughts and feelings as moving more freely, virtually flowing through them.

The ability to increase hyper-priming or your ability to make connections between seemingly unrelated concepts is one of marijuana’s primary properties as is shown in a 2010 study by Morgan, Rothwell, et al. That was also supported by Brian Easter, saying that, "it is the cause behind those famous and well-parodied “Aha!” moments when a high person suddenly realizes a deep truth about himself after noticing something inconsequential." Research denoted that cannabis blurs the lines between a person’s five senses, allowing for an increased capacity for wonder and awe.


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According to Daniel J. Levitin, a music psychologist, and professor of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience at McGill University:
"Music combined with marijuana tends to produce feelings of euphoria and connectedness to the music and the musicians. THC — the active ingredient — is known to stimulate the brain's natural pleasure centers, while also disrupting short-term memory. The disruption of short-term memory thrusts listeners into the moment of the music as it unfolds; unable to explicitly keep in mind what has just been played, or to think ahead to what might be played, people stoned on pot tend to hear music from note to note. Subconsciously all of the usual processes of expectation formation are still occurring, but consciously, the music creates what many people describe as a time-standing-still phenomenon. They live for each note, completely at the moment."


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By this statement, we could clearly see that people who find peace and concentration in creating their own music with the help of marijuana give him the impenetrable ideas, with the emotion of taking steps to reality with the simple touch of fantasy. They could just simply put their emotions into it as a recipe and won’t believe they made it when they are sober.

Anna Ermakova Ph.D., Science Officer at the Beckley Foundation states that "Cannabis provides a strong emotional response, and music provides an emotional response. Together they produce an even stronger one."

Ever heard of a pot lover which is also a poet? How about a painter? I believe that marijuana is not complete devastation to someone’s life after all for it can even push you to the real you, to things you believe you couldn’t, and even give you the courage to show the emotions bursting within you that you can’t share to anyone else. In several artworks, you may notice tenths or hundreds of emotions served at once, but it gives the wholeness like all of the emotions are one, and that’s the power of influence of marijuana when you’re too determined yet so calm and peaceful to do something useful.


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Thank you so much @hivebuzz 💕

Smoking pot absolutely, definitely, without a doubt, enables you (or definitely ME) to connect so deeply and become so focused that the biggest problem in the world that you have spent hours upon hours trying to solve, instantly solidifies into a solution.👑

I swear I could feel the neurons in my brain traveling at a million miles zigging and zagging through the highways, byway and no through roads to analyse everything and find the definitive, working resolution to all of my problems.👌

Every time. For over 30 years and if I could still smoke it I would.😞

But then I've also witnessed too many other people just flop, with no capacity or motivation to do anything other than flop and play games....whereas for me, I'd sit for about 3-5 minutes then jump up and be off, solving, creating, hiking mountains..whatever.😀

So it's not the pot that's to blame for any nefarious or sinister consequences that happen to people, it the person and their lack of desire to progress. 🙄

And my flatmate is a medical Cannabis scientist too, so I know all about the many medical benefits of it. 😀

I agree with you @chocolatescorpi 😉 When it comes to this, one must be well-disciplined to keep him/herself under control. We can't blame the weed for it already gave us numerous positive effects especially to artists. But this should be used upon moderation and for medicinal only. 😊😊 For entertainment? Well someone needs to be monitor for assurance and safety.