BackYard Cannabis Farming 2020 - Episode 5: 2nd Layer of Trellising, Final Round of Pest Control, Caterpillar Exit Success, & Transition to Flower

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After a 2 month hiatus from episode 4, I am now in awe at the rapid growth rate that July and the beginning of August has brought to this garden. The exact date for the start of flower (or bloom) transition varies in the Pacific northwest depending on which part of Cascadia you reside. Generally speaking however, flowering transition starts anywhere from August 1st - August 10th. Typically flowing will start around August 6th or 7th, and will see actual signs of buds starting around August 10th - 14th. In my particular part of Oregon however, these plants started transitioning to flower around August 2nd for the Purple Hindu Kush, and around August 6th for the rest of the phenos I have.

Flower GIF1.gif

The amount of topping I was able to accomplish this season resulting from all the excess sun manifested more tops on my plants than I can count... it is actually pretty nuts - and should make for a great yield if mother nature blesses us with desirable weather a little longer and providence triumphs. Even though a few of these plants experienced a bit of excess stretching (which is usually a normal growth spurt when transitioning to flower), most of them stretched in a favorable manor and did not separate the bud nodes too far apart.

Look at this growth transition!!!

Grow GIF 21.gif

The result of the plethora of tops I created was much more bushy plants than usual. This required that I install a second layer of trellising outside of the first steel cage layer I already installed. For this I used four garden stakes (4 foot) per plant, with one stake mounted at each corner of each plant box. I then used the same trellising plastic that I used for my animal fencing to create vertical box trellising to support the outer branches that have bushed out to the side. This will prevent me from staking and tying MANY branches which would have been a lot more work. I secured the trellising plastic to the wood stakes with a staple gun.


The only other thing significant to mention is that I just completed my final organic pest control sequence for the season. I sprayed Azamax before and after my trip to Arizona (about 10 days apart), the ladder was done in the middle of the 2nd week of flower. NEVER spray Azamax or neem oil after week 2 of flower - unless you want peanut butter flavored buds that are not healthy to smoke. Once buds start truly developing on canna plants, they will begin permanently absorbing the sprays.

cannabis div 2.png

All evidence of caterpillar damage (pictured below) has been eliminated with BT
This is a caterpillar nest I found in one of the canna plants - textbook example


Examples of Caterpillar Damage



Organic BT hormone for caterpillars however can be sprayed up to 2 weeks before harvest, although if you are still spraying it at that point you have big problems (as I did at the end of last season). I also sprayed BT before and after my trip to AZ - a day or two apart from each Azamax spray (BT does not affect Azamax as long as it has already dried properly).


Everything is going fantastic at the moment, and all signs of mite, aphid, and caterpillar damage has disappeared. Moving into this last part of the season is where trouble can come, so I hope high and plan for lows, praying I do not have to set up rain cover for the end of September as The Farmer's Almanac predicts.
But here in the PNW, the start of rainy season varies from year to year - usually starting anywhere from early September to early November. A mid-October start to the rainy season like we experienced two years ago would be optimal for this season, and would not require greenhouse construction. This would save me significant planning, hard work, money, space, and an eye sore in the backyard, while maximizing the airflow potential in the garden to minimize risk of mold and botrytis from moisture and cold nights in general.


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Please enjoy episode of the 2020 Backyard Cannabis Farming series. Hopefully we all acquire great wisdom for growing cannabis effectively, organically, & naturally - together...

From 8/16/2020

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Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.


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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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reblogged !

Thank you!

Wow...I like this green garden 😊👌👌👌👌🍷

me too :-)

I'm very sure you like it ... I hope I can have also soon this garden :))

Wow..that's some beautiful work! ;)

Thank you brother, I def pour out soul into them.

Good growth on the setup you have, most where I live don't farm as such the plants grow quite happily (and profusely) I have never heard of any using pesticides. Good luck through your next season.

I only use OMRI listed certified organic pest control treatments, and they are very necessary when growing cannabis outdoors in 99% of places in the world where conditions are ideal for them to flourish. I did not use BT last year and caterpillars destroyed about 25% of the crop. It was the first year caterpillars showed up here. I would never use synthetic chemicals on any plants, especially fruit bearing ones. There are always organic and/or biological solutions if you care to dig hard enough (which I always do).

If you live in South Africa as your profile suggests, then I must say that there are likely more vegetation eating bugs there than there are here in the Pacific northwest. There are at least 136 different species of aphids in South Africa according to the Invasive Species Compendium, and 65 specices of mites according to the Agricultural Research Council. I will say however that if you happen to live in a rare location on earth where you do not have to deal with any invasive plant eating insects... consider yourself a very lucky human, and grow ALL YOU CAN! Blessings.

I'm sure the bugs and pests are there and people who grow plantations may more than likely to take care of them. Some just plant by throwing seeds outdoors and they pop up everywhere. Listed below two links, one refers to the fact little bothers the original strain, not sure how the linage goes on the plant it has been around here for hundreds of years.

1. Durban Poison
2. Durban Poison

Wow that is super interesting. Wild cannabis like you are speaking of here reminds me of the cannabis that grows in the mountains of Jamaica - the locals consider it a sacred herb used ceremonially.

Herb has been used for many generations before it was decided by ruling party of the time to be a drug, then banned. Still carried on growing and being used nonetheless, where people clean the pips out and toss them aside it grows, quite often walking along the river you witness a healthy bush growing, so is life...

Only recently some restrictions have been lifted under new government ruling, hopefully one day the potential of this plant will be properly used in the many ways that are available.

I need to buy land and finally grow my own weed. I had one plant in Costa Rica. Took me 8 months and I was basically smoking it while it was still growing because I couldn't wait any longer. I didn't even wait until it was dried. Not really the way to do it.

Hahaha oh man that's great. Don't do that though brother... patience is the key to joy, do everything to a T to achieve. What are the cannabis laws like in Costa Rica? I would consider getting land there with you if we could grow legally for at least ourselves. Is there medical canna there?

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