Cannabis Farm Taste Test: Episode 3 - 10 Cuts of Purple Twister with Bus Hippies

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We Smoke 2 Joints Before We Smoke 2 Joints... & Then We Smoke 6 More!


That's right, this time we are rolling joints - 10 of them to be exact. Some friends stopped by in their hippy school bus on their way out to Jackalope Freedom Festival, so I thought it would be cool to send them on their way slammin' baked (not the driver of course)!


Blazin 10 bleezies is no easy feat for the casual stoner... good thing we had some well seasoned Oregon and Colorado blood at the table for this one! Overall the Purple Twister was certainly not better than the other phenos we tested recently, and not the best purp pheno either, but it certainly gets the job done when you do it like this.


In the video, we discuss how cannabis can taste different depending on how you smoke it - i.e. pipe, joint, spliff, bong, blunt, vape, etc. We also discuss various categories that could be added to the cannabis tasting judgment form to provide an even broader range of detailed variables for more versed cannabis connoisseurs when performing these tests - ie specific terpene/flavonoid type detection, couch-lock level, among many other ideas to evolve the canna-judge form further.


Today's episode includes only the one phenotype Purple Twister - with ten separate cuts:

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Purple Twister

Cut #1


Cut #2


Cut #3


Cut #4


Cut #5


Cut #6


Cut #7


Cut #8


Cut #9


Cut #10


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This Series So Far:

Episode 1: Blueberry Muffin

Episode 2: Florida Freeze & Bison Breath


Photos of our filled out forms for judging these cuts are also included below the video, and are not intended to be read until after the video has been viewed. This is a FULL episode (about 30 mins), so kick back, spark a fat one, & enjoy!

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Click pic or link below to play Canna-Taste-Test Episode 3

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Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.


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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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The Canna equivalent of a wine tasting evening. 😆 I am constantly amazed as I work with this healing plant at the incredible diversity between strains. Amazing

Would be great to start a video series for total novices who know NOTHING about cannabis and are curious. You could easily plot out a 10 part series. Be great for the platform!!!

That is what my BackYard Cannabis Farming Series is designed for. Sort of a grow journal to help newbies figure out their first time growing displayed in laymen's terms. Just updated this article with the full post.

I mean far more elementary than that. A serious newbie guide for nervous nellies. History of the plant, origins, legal issues, the compounds found in it and what they do, legal issues around the world. Like you're explaining it to my anxious 84 year old mother.

Cos that's a HUGE market for the future. And they're totally in the dark!!


Think of it as a prequel to you backyard Growing Series. :)

No doubt. I would love to see you do something like that! My profile is too complex to do something like that. I would just be speaking another language to people like that haha.

I said "like that" too many times haha

Let me think about that. Maybe we could do a video question and answer series...?? Around cannabis? I could be the interviewer. And run the series through #3speak.

Let me think how best to do that. I could-should plot out a skeleton for the series first and run it by you....

Hmmm... always appreciate how dialogue and commenting on the content of others leads to a creative spurt.

Through my work in palliative care and making super-THC oils for Stage 4 C people, I follow a site on facebook called Cannabis Success stories. The newbie questons there might be a good beginning.

I am crazy busy this time of year, but let me know what you come up with and I will see if I can make time to participate. I certainly want to provided my schedule allows it :-)

I would be happy to help with this in any way I can.


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The 1 pheno looks the best from here.

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I landed on #6 as my fav, the buds were just so fluffy nice and smoked fluffy too if you know what I mean? Gotta have that fluff smoke! haha

#4 was a close 2nd.

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