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I created a token. Can you guess what I named it? Very good! I totally named it PIMP. This is very new territory for me, and I've actually been meaning to do it for awhile now. I was still unsure what to even call it, but I always liked @shadowspub's PYPT show and it's just stuck ever since. 'Pimp Witty', your local friendly Hive-neighborhood P.I.M.P. 😎

I like that things can evolve and change and it's been awhile since I just did something I wanted to do. I've been so focused on @fullalt and @thealliance, I haven't done much in the way of Witty's path. Don't get me wrong, they are still top priority, but I like to have fun out here and like my sister @snook, put smiles on people's faces. Some people don't want you to smile. Maybe you can smile about some of the specs I have set up so far:

PIMP Token

  • Community - 'Pimpin (Posts) Is My Passion' is the name. Obviously an anagram for P.I.M.P. - HA! I hope people remember the show. Was real fun and how I got the nickname. Let's see how many posts we can 'PIMP'!
  • Token - 42,000,069 total supply. Currently 2,000,000 in circulation of which 900k are for sale and I've powered up 100k so I can be a PIMP. I'm also sitting on a cool milly because I'm not sure how this shit works yet.
  • Still many things to be considered like the utility of it etc.
  • Would like a different graphic eventually, but for now, this is what we got. Maybe someone out there wants to create something totally PIMP?

Any Advice or Help?

Ultimately, I will make it so people can delegate it too, create a front-end, all that good stuff. I would love if some people who are familiar with how it all works, would give me some insight. I'm going to drop some names and hope they see this and either drop a comment or DM me on Discord or Telegram. @c0ff33a, @definethedollar, @thelogicaldude, @underground, @silverstackeruk, @richardcrill, @ecoinstant, @hotsauceislethal and obviously if @aggroed could stop in here, that'd be killer. All of you have been successful (to my knowledge) in creation and distribution of different aspects and would love to hear from you.

My questions are; how do you link it where the token is distributed at X percent based on stake weighted voting? Do I need to have a front-end attached to it? How do I make certain tagged posts appear in my community and get rewarded with my token? Ya, I know, I'm a noob. Forgive my ignorance.

Anyway, please bear with me as I figure all this out. You can join the community here and feel free to swing by Hive-Engine and pick up some tokens there. They are starting at .01 $HIVE. In the meantime, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, because somebody has to be the PIMP.


Posts Being PIMPed:
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because I can
So Can WE
Vote Witty

Is Voting #WITNESSES difficult?
Let me do it for you!
Set Witty as your --->PROXY VOTER!<---

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When you set up the scotbot on tribaldex.com, it basically walks you through all of the parameters that you will need to set up. I actually just got done doing it for HiveHustlers. So you don’t have to have a front end, but if you are wanting branding and such, it’s not a bad idea. The only thing is not only does it cost to create, but you will also have to stake 1 BEE per active user but if you stake 5k BEE, it’s hosted forever kind of thing, I went ahead and did that option for Hivelist. For HiveHustlers, I am using the community that was created, as well as I have built my own Wordpress front end for it using the Exxp plugin. So it can be done in a number of ways. Just depends on how much you want to spend and how much work you want to do, lol.

Getting all my ducks in a row and thank you man!

No problem!

Just bought 10,000 PIMP.

Awesome! Thanks for the support bro!

You got any samples? Just wonderin'

Looks pretty cool. I'll play along for a while, anyway.

It's always playtime 😎


There are tons of options! 2000 bee is the cost for a front end plus SCOT distribution - to be 'like a tribe'. You cant get distribution without the front end, even tho the front end is mostly useless.

Each additional inflation source costs 1000 bee from the h-e team. I think they have a few other 1000 bee deals too.

Archon team is also working on some token services, paid for by staking ARCHON, such as weighted governance with its petition and proposal system.. These are different offerings from the h-e team.

When I get that far, would love to talk more on the governance bit. I just got a little chunk of ARCHON because I like their direction a few days ago.

I got pimped? Can I get a gun to reign over my street corner?


Congrats! I always wanted to do that, but I'd want someone else to manage it.

This is cool. I am glad you are getting in on more curation based project. Thanks for pimping my post. Thank you much much. Now let me go get some PIMP in my life.

Good luck, i still can’t get on hive engine to touch any of those tokens.😪

Really? What browser you use?

My EDGE and my Chrome, both no good...

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Same here, I have asked 3-4 times at the Hive-Engine discord
No one seems to care... I'm about ready to sell it all

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It keeps telling me my password is wrong when it’s saved as my thumbprint that’s always worked.

I like money

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