Collection #2: Nettle Leaf Goosefoot Soil Restoration, Smoking Lavender, Expectorant Syrup, Wild Rocket and Dandelion Salad, Herbal Powders, Melinjo, Poppy Seeds Rolls, Microdosing, Acai Berry

A celebration of the best ten posts recently posted in our community or using #herbalism related tags.


We try to include only the very best posts that we'd like to go back and reference by looking in past collections. Original stories and photographs as well as anecdotes appreciated - we don't tend to include anything easily found on the internet. Everyone included here receives 5 percent beneficiary per post (except for @riverflows who donates her share to the community for building upvotes) - this week, @fermentedphil is included twice! We only curate when we hit ten good posts rather than weekly, so some may be past payout. That's okay - the aim is to create an excellent archive for herbalists on HIVE!

Nettle Leaf Goosefoot

Honey & Lemon Expectorant Syrup

Herbal Powders


Acai Berry

Wild Rocket And Dandelion Salad

Smoking Lavender

Lavender Facial Toner

Poppy Seed Rolls



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Oh, thank you! What an honor to be mentioned twice. I really appreciate it! And I am glad that my musings resonate with so many people.

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