Artemis Shares: Staking Up A Few Tender New Plant-Loving Hivers

Gardens & plants receive so much loves from us, and people ENJOY to write about them and share their successes.

Celebrating of few authors on Hive who are putting down roots and finding their place. Connection, community & support enable us all to grow! Keen gardeners and Green Thumbs, be sure to check out the Garden Journal Challenge run each month by @simplymike.

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Tomato Volunteers

While I was preparing pots for some gift tomato plants I came across four volunteer plants sprouting on the old compost bin site. The largest I left in place, it was about 40cm tall already and looked happily established. The smaller shoots were all healthy looking, so I transplanted them into pots alongside the gifted plants. All the tomato plants did well and have now been transplanted into my mini raised garden beds. Read more...


almost 3 weeks into flowering

We are now entering into the budlet phase. It is nice to see the little buds forming. I would estimate maybe 3 weeks left until full maturity. I have 2 different strains going, so it might be a little different in the time frame. Read more....


Experiencing more of downpour, harvesting more Okro produce with more photography with my one year and two months old baby girl

So yesterday we experienced 3 hours of rainfall and it was massive but before the rainfall started the wind that blew of almost everything we planted around started more than 45 minutes before the rain kick off. But this morning I came around to the farm to harvest more okra because as a nursing mother okra is very essential and very good for training your little kid out to pick up some food stuff very early which is why some nursing mother actually in the hospital will be given some recommendations instructions that they should consume and give their little baby boy or girl draw soup. Read more...

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Great finds!
And thanks for the shout out

I so love seeing new people on HIve getting plugged in & sending down string roots. The Green Thumb commuity could use some support too.... 😊


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Great show case! We love gardening as well, and more then just cannabis, lol.

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haha... yeah - we know that. 🌿 SOOOO many people love gardening - thank you for showing up to be the cheersquad.


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Thank you for featuring my post! You are so right, I'm really enjoying writing about my garden, and reading about everyone else's 😁🌻

You're so very welcome @sammie - follow @simplymike to get hooked into some other cool gardening community people.


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