Chapter Twelve: Conclusion

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Chapter Twelve: Conclusion

In conclusion this is what must be done in order to
make the world a better place. This book will be my
legacy since I am now able to die any day since I have
inner peace because I shared this important message
across. I am not seeking profit out of this text, I only
desire for the reader to follow my path if he/she agreed
with what was written in this text. Translate this book
to as many languages as you can, there will be no
copyright patents or anything similar attached to this
text since I believe that this message should be
universally available to humanity. If you wish to wake
up more people about this issue I encourage you to
create a one times ten system, that means that you
should spread this book with at least ten people who
you know will learn something from reading it and
encourage them to do the same (It works with all kinds
of political propaganda too, not just this manifesto of

After proofreading this book, I will print it to back
it up, save it on a pen drive and share it around as
many websites as you can since I am sure that if this
manifesto ever becomes popular that it will be
censored in most social media platforms. If you
wonder where my pseudonym came from, it is from
Salvador Allende Gossens, the "leader " (Like Nicolas Maduro or Hugo Chavez in Venezuela) who almost
ruined Chile and could have turned my nation into
another hopeless socialist dictatorship and Augusto
Pinochet Ugarte, the general that headed a military
regime that liberated my country and turned it into the
nation with the highest average living standards in
Latin America. I am thankful to live in a liberal
democracy (As flawed as mine is) instead of being
enslaved to a collectivist regime, if you are reading
this then you should most likely be thankful too for the
life that you have since many countries in the world
are currently enslaved by our enemies, since they’re
populations have almost no food (Famines and
starvation are common and visible situations),
absolutely no personal liberties at all and their human
rights are constantly violated by the leftist totalitarian
regimes that treat them as property instead of human
beings, the worst part is that they may believe that they
are free or living in a paradise if they were
indoctrinated well enough by the state’s apparatus of
public “education"/indoctrination, since inside these
prisons (A country you can’t leave is a prison) there is
obviously no free access to real and unbiased
information about the world.

As for my life after this, I will start a beautiful
traditional family with my Polish girlfriend and may
probably fully quit politics for some years, since I feel
that after publishing this manifesto for free I already
did enough for the world in my lifetime. I thank God
for the motivation and determination to write this
manifesto, since I wrote it seeking justice and to
expose what our enemies have done to the world and
how to permanently get rid of them by any means
possible. Indeed, you should read this book again if
you wish to fully understand it, since it was based in
literally years of reading, writing and researching
about political sciences. I came to this conclusion only
after analyzing the situation coldly and calmly for
countless days, when I got rid of the emotional aspects
of it I realized that I could create a manual that would
be easily understandable for the average citizen in
order to prevent our enemies from ever committing
horrible human atrocities again, THEY SHALL NOT

Never forget that together we are indeed the
catalyzers of change. Fight on until we achieve victory
and never forget the principles that you learned in this
book, the members of our movement are motivated by
a comprehensive and passionate love for innocent
human lives. Communism, socialism, national
socialism (Nazism) and fascism are all doctrines that
are carcinogenic to a healthy society, even though they
slowly or quickly corrode different institutions until
they rot or crumble, they all share the hate for
individual liberty, human rights and are willing to do
just about anything to gain power; for that reason they
must be stopped by any means possible before they
gain political power (The means depend on the
situation that is being faced). We shall never repeat
history’s mistakes ever again, since we study the lives
of our ancestors and the past of humanity to learn what
they did correctly or wrongly; in order to improve our
society until we get to what humanity is meant to be.

Basic principles, ethical codes and necessary
liberties are needed in order to achieve moral and
economic prosperity. Think about your own family
and friends if you need a motivation to change the
world however possible and in order to be willing to
do what is necessary to prevent the purely damaging
evil doctrines of our enemies from ever being popular
or getting into the mainstream again. Everyone should
feel disgust towards the totalitarian doctrines
mentioned in this manifesto if they consider
themselves to be a good person, since they have and
only can cause human misery, the enslavement of
millions of innocent human beings and the mass
murder of individuals who actually deserve to live
since they are productive members of society. If you
appreciated this manifesto I can’t stress on how
important it is to share it around as much as possible
and write something similar to this text in order to
make our political movement a force to be reckoned
with in the least amount of time possible, this doctrine
is based on common sense so it would spread like
wildfire in a healthy and smart society. That’s all you
need to know, I’m out. PEACE, LOVE AND

-If you wish to donate to the author of this book in
order for him to maybe start a thinktank or serious
political organization in the future check out the
cryptocurrency wallets listed down below:

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If you wish to contact me to give me your opinion on
the manifesto or other ideas for projects in the future
send me an email to:

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