Chapter Five: We Are Not Fascists nor National Socialists (Nazis)

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Chapter Five: We Are Not Fascists nor National Socialists (Nazis)

Fascists and national socialists (Nazis) are just as
harmful to our society as communists and socialists
are. Indeed, third positionism is not economically
compatible with free market capitalism. Also, fascists
aren’t exactly known for banning things rationally (If
we are authoritarian in the case of a national
emergency, we would only hunt terrorists and leave
the average citizen alone instead of implementing a
totalitarian regime like fascists do (One where
ideological indoctrination is inside schooling, the
media, radios and other communication routes)). Just
like other kinds of socialist dictatorships, fascism,
national Catholicism and national socialism (Nazism)
have all caused indescribable amounts of needless pain
to humanity.

As Benito Mussolini once said “Fascism is
definitely and absolutely opposed to the doctrines of

liberalism, both in the political and economic sphere.”
As anyone who has actually read the economic
programs of fascist regimes and the books that were
written to explain their doctrine; I can see that fascism
is absolutely incompatible with right-wing ideals and
shall not indeed be seen as a lesser evil to traditional
Marxist-Leninism (Even though fascist regimes
obviously have more economic prosperity than more
leftist kinds of dictatorships, since they have a partial
respect for property rights, understand the need for
trade (Even if it is only inside a national border) and
believe in letting markets function to a certain degree).

Pedophiles, murderers, rapists, kidnappers, radical
Islamists, national socialists (Nazis), fascists,
communists and socialists are subhuman scum (The
very definition of Untermensch); if we had a world
without them, I bet that literally everything would be
better (Who knows, we could even finally achieve
world peace). If your goal was to slaughter millions of
people in the shortest periods of time possible then you
would have to join any communist, national socialist
(Nazi) or fascist movement or political party and gain
power to achieve your goal. Government is an
incredibly dangerous machine that if left on the wrong

hands will immediately destroy a nation and enslave
the population inside it in the worse ways imaginable.

We shall be the avengers of the fallen victims of
the collectivist cancer, as Vladimir Putin once said “To
forgive the terrorists is up to God, but to send them to
him is up to me.” Our enemies are willing to
manipulate the masses in any way possible in order to
have them on their side; as Joseph Goebbels once said
“Make the lie big, keep it simple, keep saying it and
eventually they will believe it.” Sadly, people are
emotional instead of rational so we need to keep that
in mind when trying to turn them into consistent anti¬
statists (Anticommunists and antifascists of any
denomination, color or kind). As the evil genius Adolf
Hitler once said “I use emotion for the many and
reserve reason for the few.” I must reiterate that I
believe that the only actual good thing he did was
dying but we need to know our enemies and maybe
adopt their tactics in order to beat them once and for

We must make our enemies pay heavily for their
crimes against humanity if we can get away with it,

remember that there are no war crimes if you win the
war. We need to create a counterhegemony to leftist
brainwashing, to achieve this we shall produce
incredibly good quality video material, books,
propaganda posters, shirts and other means through
which we can subliminally or openly spread our ideas.
Any anticommunist mass killing done by our brothers
or sisters in arms shall be seen as a victory if it is a
won battle (The word “comrade” is explicitly banned
to refer to our companions). Virtue signaling and the
oppressed vs oppressor tactic shall be seen as methods
of communicating our ideas in order to get the youth
to join our ranks in this struggle for freedom; as the
psychopathic mass murderer Adolf Hitler also said
once “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the

If any national socialist (Nazi), fascist or socialist
is going to take over a country through democratic or
violent revolutionary means then we must be
reactionary and vote with a bullet from a rooftop if a
military coupe is sadly not a possibility. The only
minorities I truly wish to crush and oppress with my
whole soul are socialists, communists, national
socialists (Nazis) and fascists. We stand for the ones in

need and the average people since socialists love the
poor so much that they exponentially multiply their
numbers. The freer the markets are the freer the
population will be, individual liberties grow in perfect
proportion with economic ones.

The black pest (We are talking about all kinds of
fascists and national socialists (Nazis)) and the red
pest (Communists and socialists of all kinds!) have
already killed enough innocent people in order for
their lives to matter less than animal ones, someone
had to say it and I finally wrote it down. We must keep
the government permanently small and limited by an
armed population, the impossibility of interfering in
economic matters and the three powers (In legislative,
executive and judiciary branches) to be perfectly
separated, balanced and help under public scrutiny. As
Hans Hermann Hoppe once said “There can be no
socialism without a state, and as long as there is a state
there is socialism. The state, then, is the very
institution that puts socialism into action; and as
socialism rests on aggressive violence directed against
innocent victims, aggressive violence is the nature of
the state.”

Remember that those who burn books today will
tomorrow burn bodies, we need to make sure to
prevent the left from being able to steal our liberties
and enslave us for all our lives so easily. We must
oppose class warfare and racial warfare in literally any
situation possible, ethnic cleansing and Marxist-
Leninist revolutions are both incredibly immoral
actions and shall be stopped by any means possible
from happening if possible. If we love nature and our
mother earth, then we must hate socialists/communists
since state-owned enterprises have polluted our planet
more than literally anything else in human history, if
you don’t believe me see the case of Chernobyl in
Ukraine while under the Soviet Union’s (USSR) iron
fist or pretty much any industry located inside the
“People’s” Republic of China”.

As Voltaire once said “To learn who rules over
you, simply find out who you are not allowed to
criticize.” We must remember that tolerance is no
virtue in and of itself; tolerance also means permitting
evil or degenerate things like pedophilia to be socially
accepted. What is necessary to make society function
properly sometimes is an iron fist that is fair and just,
not like the one that is implemented by socialist

dictatorships (Socialism always ends up in violence
against innocent people). Rational ultra-nationalism
seems like the road to follow if we wish to defeat
socialism once and for all, since true patriots believe
that the wellbeing of the nation is above all ideologies.
I don’t like Francisco Franco at all since his regime
killed some relatives of mine who were bourgeois
landowners, but in the worst case scenario this quote
has the language we need to communicate in with the
people in order to make them right-wing “You must
sacrifice every thought, every ideology for the good of
the nation and the serenity of our fatherhood.”

As Stefan Molyneux once said “Socialism, or
communism as it is sometimes called, is merely a
secular religion, where the state becomes a god.” This
is true as our enemies are truly fanatical extremists
who are willing to make our nations fall below the
extreme poverty line and our populations to be
enslaved by the state just to give their irrational
ideology another attempt. The political right is merely
following common sense; so, it is indeed following the
right path. Leftists create dystopias trying to make
utopias real; they are the worst kind of rats since they

can rot a country to pieces instead of just invading a

To live is to fight, we must check our ranks in
order to look for traitors; since sadly they are
everywhere. It is time to honor our ancestors and make
history, lets organize the masses in order to destabilize
the useless ruling classes and the leftist elites (TO
Our enemies are incredibly passional and emotional
about their positions instead of being rational, as
Ronald Reagan once said “How do you tell a
Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and
Lenin. And how do you tell an anticommunist? It’s
someone who understands Marx and Lenin.” In our
vanguard we also need to use mainstream
politicians/crooks even if they don’t perfectly fit into
our doctrine; leaders like President Donald Trump in
the United States of America (USA) and Jair
Bolsonaro in Brazil are exceptional figures that we can
use in our vanguard to get our message into the minds
of the common people.

As Donald Trump once said “All nations in the
world should resist socialism and the misery that it
brings to everyone.” As Jair Bolsonaro also once said

“ M I will leave (The United Nations (UN)) it's no good,
it's a meeting place for communists and people who
have no commitment to South America." We shall
always promote rational right-wing nationalism over
totalitarian globalist socialism, loss of national
sovereignty and control by international leftist
organizations that can only spread poverty,
underdevelopment and pure misery. I may personally
heavily dislike Vladimir Putin even though he is a
lesser evil to other alternatives in Russian politics, but
when we are fighting against leftist guerrillas, we shall
consider the following quote “Terrorism has once
again shown it is prepared deliberately to stop at
nothing in creating human victims. An end must be put
to this. As never before, it is vital to unite forces of the
entire world community against terror.” Well I wish he
applied the same mindset and analysis to the Marxist-
Leninist dictatorship that completely ruined the once
beautiful and prosperous country known as Venezuela.

If you believe that my manifesto promotes hate
you are absolutely right, but I am not suggesting that
we shall despise innocent individuals and ideas;
indeed, I only propose making totalitarian and
murderous ideas totally socially unacceptable. As the

tyrant and philosopher Vladimir Lenin once said “We
can and must write in a language which sows among
the masses hate, revulsion and scorn towards those
who disagree with us.” Social democrats are also
totally blocked from collaborating with us except in
emergency situations where a socialist dictator may
get democratically elected. Love all animals except
“antifascists” who wish to get rid of anyone who is
right-wing or even a centrist by burning them alive
with Molotov cocktails. We are the true anti national
socialists (Nazis), antifascists and anticommunists at
the same time!

I am personally a paleo libertarian anti-statist
because I don’t wish to see more innocent people
suffering from the evils of socialism in any of its
shapes. I may very well despise and feel disgust
against my enemies for the same reason that I am pro¬
life, because I care about protecting and preserving
innocent people’s lives and expanding their liberties.
Socialism is a death recipe, no matter where you apply
its economic policies you will always get the same
results. The masses shall butcher their collectivist
oppressors and all leftists in the world if it is
necessary, overpopulation, hunger and starvation

would be permanently fixed if that was the case.
Socialism is a religion that is just as dangerous as
fundamentalist Islamic terrorism, since they are both
dogmatic, irrational and reckless towards human
nature, reality and basic principles that a rational
society can efficiently work upon. Our enemies are
barbaric rats, the question is... Do you have the
courage to be the exterminator?

When collective property replaces private
property ownership the state takes control over the
economy and the people themselves are enslaved to
the system to the point where no human rights can be
possibly guaranteed (Victims of socialism are left at
the mercy of leftist dictators, we all know how that
ends up like!). We have scarce resources to address
multiple needs, we shall implement free market
capitalism as the solution since its rewards individuals
by their own efforts, decisions and merits. The phrase
that Karl Marx once said “To each according to their
abilities, to each according to his needs” is inherently
tyrannical since there is absolutely no incentive to
work and productive members of society would not be
incentivized to be efficient at their jobs.

No matter which tactics we choose to use to
achieve our objective we shall remember that the most
important thing is that we should never be tyrannical
or become what our enemies are morally. In the
political sphere there is no permanently gained soil,
Francis Fukuyama was absolutely mistaken when he
said that the end of history had arrived. If we ever stop
passionately spreading our ideas and principles, we
will leave spaces that our enemies will most likely take
over. We shall always remember who we are and what
we are fighting for! Before getting to the next chapter I
must specify that this manual is not meant to be a step
by step guide, it is just meant to be a compilation of
methods you can use to get rid of the leftist problem
through either peaceful or violent means. We can
make the world a different place and liberate nations
that are enslaved by the Marxist-Leninist cancer if we
get organized, armed and try hard enough. We must
control the political narrative in social media platforms
and take over the streets once again, NO MATTER
SO. Victory was never meant to be achieved by
individuals who ever give up while they are still



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