Chapter Eleven: Ban All Totalitarian Political Parties

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Chapter Eleven: Ban All Totalitarian Political Parties

When victory is achieved one must never be
overconfident and take anything for granted, indeed
the social order that was established must be
maintained since when it comes to politics there is no
gained land. The Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) and
self-ownership are the libertarian principles that
should guide us in a liberal democratic republic except
in emergency situations. If we can understand that
perfection and reality are two different things then we
will be ready to create political parties that are able to
crush our enemies through the voting ballot and there
will be nothing to fear (The principles of the political
party should clearly specify that it is against socialism,
communism, fascism and national socialism
(Nazism)). As for ideological references there are
infinite ideologues and thinkers that may be used to
promote our doctrine of free market capitalism.

We shall never let any political party be legally
established if it promotes communism, socialism,
fascism or national socialism (Nazism) since those
principles are clearly anti-democratic and hence these
political organizations are incompatible with any
stable liberal democratic republic. Any attempt to
organize a totalitarian political party that shares one of
the doctrines mentioned above shall be met with fines,
repression or imprisonment. My message to the center
is that between good and evil there will never be
something moral but social democratic parties shall be
allowed to exist in order to satisfy the need of having
the center left in the political spectrum (All other kinds
of collectivist or leftist political parties shall never be
allowed to participate).

Indeed, if we educated the world population on
the evils that our enemies have committed against
humanity we would immediately win, as the truth is on
our side. Our governments shall be fiscally responsible
and we shall have Austrian economists doing the math
to keep them going in a stable manner. As we may
now the systems that our enemies propose always end
up in regimes that are similar to monarchies only in
the sense that bureaucrats/parasites own everything,
but there is nothing traditional about their way of
governance when compared to absolute monarchs
(Kings are better leaders than socialist dictators).

We shall have purist political parties on our side
in order to keep the public pleased with the status quo
by offering diversity when it comes to voting for right-
wing political parties. We shall have nationalist
(National capitalism is a great system), conservative,
progressive, libertarian and kinds of political parties in
order to suit the need of filling any desire the voter
may have, but there are principles that shall be held as
sacred like individual rights, private property, free
market capitalism and life. We can always demonize
our political opponents and show the people how
horrible the past was because of their actions; we shall
never lie or invent data; since there is an infinite
amount of evidence to prove our point. It may be
complex, but the goal is noble so we should set our
differences aside amongst the real right in order to
achieve victory once and for all.

In case we need to compete with our political
enemies in elections we should just show how better
the world would be without them, we can use
statistics, historical facts, the science of economics and
all sorts of empirical data in order to educate the
masses. The working class will truly be liberated from
the parasites that steal the fruits of their labor, also
known as the bureaucrats and the socialist ruling class.
Indeed, we must use the same language codes that our
enemies use in order to make our slogans popular,
leaders like Viktor Orban in Hungary truly understand

Well I know that the book may be too complex for
the average reader, but I hope that if you don’t
understand any of the technical terms that I mentioned
here that you research about them and gain knowledge
for yourself. This is the last chapter of the book before
the conclusion, we must remember that if a nation is
violently liberated in a revolutionary way against our
enemies that our political parties are the legacy of that
struggle and that we shall never let the people forget
the crimes that the leftist parasites committed against
them, since in order to ensure public safety we need to
prevent the masses from being ignorant and finally
form a nation where the warrior and the intellectual are
blended into one individual. Our enemies shall be
given no space or chance to rise up again.


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