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Hate to say it but this was incoming. I heard from many that it may not be up for while longer?

I will help you conduct a snapshit and airdrop and merger roll over of content and users ulto weedcash which is now on eos and soon telos and so you can use remainder o f smoke io resources to promote weedcash salvage what u can and sell what u can to buy weedcash and or use the userbase to post on weedcash and just rely on eos and telos . Eos is having congestion but will be made 8 times faster. If u join weedcash and weedcas explodes as the best eos cannabis token u will make more of eos weed than smoke. U can conbine forces and just create the ultamite cannabis collective DAC we are using eosdac and telosdac and will have a PAC for legalization around tye world countey by country

I invitw you to just propose sunsetting and merging to weedcash and making best of the sutuation rebrand and talk to @richardcrill about a fair deal where you cnn get dekegation for your users in exchange for using all existing smoke assets ro promote weedcash and yurning into a curation group within weedcash and even using a steem engine smoke token u xan do a token swap for over discord room and just allow usees to cone get a new steem engine u can use for actually rewarding best cannabis posts inside weedcash and that steem engine smoke token can be made into a eos token later too or telis and we can have great oartnership and focus on cannabis legalization and pumping weed eos token value by adding users and real value from a DAC we all pitch in and pay 500 bucks and so 100 ofnus all pay 5 bucks and we have it and we can really make this shit huge man and retain all tye work u did.

Regular people dont care if smoke is its own chain or if its a token or ifbits a curation grouo with a roken inside weedcash. It will thrive either way with our need weedcash with eos and a dac

Yeah we gotta get SMOKE on the dex!!!
SMOKE is back online!! Merger / partnership!