Welcome to Steem's new "Garden Community"!

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#helloworld. Welcome to Steem's new Garden community!

This "garden community" will serve as a #steem tribe; allowing any user to post gardening blogs and earn HEMP tokens. Users earn 0.0001 x their HEMP holdings.

The more HEMP tokens you hold on #steem-engine the bigger your votes {per blog} will be. Simply post your blogs here in this community and tokens will appear in your wallet!

This is not a #weedcash clone You can post any gardening content.

This community is censor free. If you post spam you simply won't receive a vote. If you post gardening content you will receive a vote based on how many HEMP tokens you have. Your content wont be based on rep, popularity or voting.

Join our Discord https://discord.gg/qKzytWs if you have any further questions. We do airdrops & reward HEMP tokens for invites etc. We have post sharing for #weedcash #lotus #photo and many more tribes. There is a constant friendly discussion about HEMP and other aspects of the chain. +18 only Discord

Stay tuned. Exciting updates soon. Special thanks to @noganoo @taintedblood & @ecoinstant.

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This is a nice addition to the ecosphere. Sometimes the gardening/growing posts can get lost in the background of the other posts. BTW, your Papaver photo is beautiful-a plant even more maligned than Cannabis. Mine weren't as pretty.


They look pretty to me!

Sending you a few HEMP tokens to get started.

You have received 73 HEMP tokens.

Thank you for being a part of the INCOME entertainment Fund, where builders are sought and supported!

This service is managed by @ecoinstant.


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Excellent to see this up and running! I am going to experiment with a cross post today, and bring this into the ecoZone, a general cross-ways for sharing all ecological content.

If I understand what I am doing, you should get 90% beneficiary payment from the cross post! Let's find out!

So amazing❤️

Thank you.

Pleasure dear❤️

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