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RE: 🌱 Prepare Yourself For The Hashkings Experience🌱 #1 (PLUS update on the water requirements)

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So far just like last time I trusted dan the game has flopped.... I even told my self not to buy any land but did so being told this time was different

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Well, if that's your opinion that's fine. However, the numbers will tell otherwise, 397 accounts participated in the presale, many more people are interested in participating in Hashkings. Maybe I'm not getting it right .. but I think there is no reason to say that the game has flopped when we have not started yet. But as I say, I respect your opinion. Thanks 😀

I say it has flopped cause dan has no communication skills and that's bad for a social game.

When you see rising star brewmaster splinterlands the team is super active on the chain.

I understand, it is something that we already reflected on with the latest events and we are focused on improving. We will be constantly uploading content in the official game media.

I appreciate your interest.