Unstake Your Mota! - New Drop System Explained

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!Hey Kings and Queens!

Until now the drop system was working in this way, a certain number of seeds have been being dropped each time that the number of plots occupied was under 5000 between all the people with MOTA staked based on their individual staking weight vs the total MOTA staked.

The issue was that with this global system was likely that you got seeds that you couldn't use because you didn't have the correct plots.

This will change, from now the staking pools are gonna be divided in 6 groups (one per each region), so you will be able to choose which seeds you want to receive, the rest will keep working as always.

The first drop will be on Halloween! 31th October

This is important, UNSTAKE your MOTA

We have created an internal staking system cause we were not able to use the actual HE staking in individual region pools, so you will need to have liquid MOTA. If you are unstaking, it will require 7 days until you receive the MOTA.

So let me tell you an example:

Let's say you want to focus on getting Africa seeds, in the old system your MOTA would have got you many South America seeds, even Mexico, and in rare cases the seed that you really needed.

Now all your MOTA will participate, if you decided to, in getting your Africa seeds!

The new system will drop 6000 seeds each Sunday to fill the pools, the number of seeds in each region will depend on their drop rates.

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So we can say, on average, the ASIA pool will drop 83 seeds each Sunday. And in order to calculate the required amount of MOTA to get 1 SEED will be determined by the players.

If 10k MOTA is staked between all the players in the ASIA pool, this means the ratio of MOTA to get one Asia seed will be 120.4 MOTA/SEED.

Just divide the amount of MOTA staked in each pool with the average of seeds that will fill the pool. You will be able to check this in our STATS website

One last thing about the new drop system, if the number of plots occupied goes below 5000, the number of seeds dropped each Sunday will be 6500, if there are more than 10000 plots the number of seeds will be 4500 and finally, if the plots occupied number goes over 15000 only 1000 seeds will be dropped.

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Great work team. Let's see how it plays out.

Also I just unstaked MOTA; where can I see the MOTA tokens now. Following is details with respect to unstaking MOTA


Transaction HASH::


it takes 7 days until you get them :)

we unstake MOTA and we need to stake it as well. Or for now, just unstaking MOTA is all good. thanks

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Should we unstake the MOTA right away or wait a bit for things to play out first?

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You should unstake if you want to participate in the first drop :)