🔥 The Big Burn Of $50K Worth Of Buds 🔥 - Preparing Hashkings For Raids / RAIDS New Launching Date

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!Hey Kings and Queens!


As you should know, we are going to launch RAIDS, a new game mode based in staking avatars to farm rewards, the avatar packs sale will be launched this Halloween!! But after asking the community about it we decided to delay the launching of the main game one week, this is due to that probably will be a lot of movement that day in HIVE and would be a bit chaotic for everyone.

So save these dates in your calendar!

  • 31th October - RAIDS Packs Sale
  • 7th November - Launching Of RAIDS

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Updates About The Sale

The revenue from the sales will be used to keep developing Hashkings and create new use cases for the various assets of the ecosystem, as you will know most of the businesses is under the power of the players and it is our intention to do so.

For example, the seed business is controlled by the players, the HKWATER business likewise, the creation of new BUDS(inflation rights) are completely guided by the player activity, the assistants (Farming Bot) will be produced and sold by the players., and everything to come will follow this pattern.

Therefore, we would be grateful to all who will be part of the sale of avatars as they will allow us to continue with the development of Hashkings :) !

Under this same philosophy, the BUDS that are used to buy packs will be burned since we would not feel good selling BUDS.

Just A Quick Remember About The Details Of The Sale:

As you already know, the avatars will have an upgrade in technical matters since they receive new statistics to participate in the RAIDS, this includes all the avatars that have been obtained since the beginning of the game.

In fact all the avatars that currently exist except the Wizards (which are epic) are of common rarity.


A total of 150,000 packs of 3 avatars will be put up for sale, which will have a price of $2 each but you will be able to access different discount tiers depending on the number of packs you are going to purchase:

100 - 250 packs = 10% discount
251 - 500 = 15% discount
500 or more = 20% discount

The packs can be purchased with any cryptocurrency supported by coinpayments and the following HIVE tokens:


🔥🔥Hashkings Just Burned 53.5M BUDS!!!🔥🔥


!OH YEAH! - $50K Worth Of BUDS Were Burned Forever


Hashkings has a treasury system that allows us to leave the inflation rate totally up to the player's activity. Basically, all the BUDS that are used in the MOTA pool will fill this treasury and these BUDS will be recycled in other initiatives, the team won't mind any BUDS for any reason thanks to this system.

HK-RAIDS is the account that will distribute the daily rewards for the different bosses raids, until today there were 53.5 Million BUDS + 8 Million in the HK-BUDS account (the one that receives the MOTA pool deposits), but after doing some maths it was obvious that the Hashkings BUDS market wasn't prepared for the rate of distribution of RAIDS with a 53.5 MILLION BUDS initial rewards pool, so we decided to burn those 53.5M and start RAIDS with all the BUDS that are now in HK-BUDS plus all the new BUDS that come from the MOTA pool as we stated.


We base all the Hashkings vision on economic principles, this allows us to focus on growing the value created for the players. In this case burning those BUDS that were accumulated since April was in order to get a fresh start for raids, remember in average raids will distribute between 1 and 4% of the treasury daily as rewards for all the raiders, so with those ratios, it would have caused a negative impact in the BUDS market, now any further action is necessary and you should prepare yourself to join the RAIDS!

Everything Is Ready For RAIDS ¿Are You 🔥🔥?

To check the actual raids reward pool, click this link

Remember to follow us on our social networks:

And of course on HIVE ;)

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Awsome ill be all over those packs cant wait & I have a question regarding WAX, Hash Kings has a colection there & you have quite a few Crypto bridges set up such as POLYGON / PHANTOM for your crypto. So I was wondering if you could do a NFT portal or Crypto Bridge with WAX in the future or a discord supported NFT set up like rising star has on WAX.

Nefty Blocks & Cait are new services on WAX both of which are set up to help with on boarding NFT projects like yours.

CAIT handles WAX DeFi
Nefty Blocks is an NFT market & pack production tool

Nefty Blocks now has $NEFTY, Staking $NEFTY will grant NFT creators & vendors special perks such as real time project support for your NFT line & free advertising for staking Projects.

$NEFTY is mined to every users wallets on Wednesday if you bought or sold NFTs there that week so its quite lucrative to sell on WAX more so now then its been in the past.

Finally I like Hash Kings & I would like to advertise for you more, WAX NFTs will help me do that VIA airdrops.

Thanks @chubb149 ! Surely we need to start working more on WAX after raids, the ultimate goal of Hashkings will be to be 100% multichain

Awsome this game has potential, multi chain integration will definitely help more users recognize that. I'm really up to date on WAX so I just thought I would pass the info along, cant wait for raids I'm hyped for the pack launch.

Just to be clear,

The treasury will use 100% of its funds to fill the RAIDS rewards pool, this means for now all the BUDS that are used in the MOTA pool will fill the treasury (RAIDS POOL).

All the other BUDS that are used for joints, special seeds, upcoming features and etc are burned directly.

I really like the art of the new avatars. Good job!


So land plots and RAID are independent of each other?

They are independent but are connected with the same economy :)

How long does it take for a pack to arrive?

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