Let's Burn Some BUDS!

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!Hey Kings and Queens!

We conceived Hashkings with a completely connected and related economic system, in this way we focus the introduction of new use cases and the creation of new features around the BUDS token, since it will favor the value of all the other elements of the ecosystem.

A simple example would be, if the value of the BUDS will affect a greater demand for LANDS, WATER, SEEDS since they are the necessary assets to create BUDS, this would be followed by all the other Hashkings assets including the new ones that are introduced in raids.

So, following a simple economic logic we include in our plans the activity of burning tokens, as you will know the BUDS used to craft JOINTS, as well as any other token used as a payment method will be used to buy and burn BUDS.

The fees used in the forge that will be included in RAIDS, will also be used to buy and burn BUDS.

SO! Let's BURN Those BUDS!

Yep! And they are gone, a total of 2619202 BUDS were burned forever, which at the market price are worth $2383.


!Remember to follow us on our social networks and thanks for being part of this!

And of course on HIVE ;)

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Talk about a bog session


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