Hashkings Presale Ending - Friday 3/12/2021

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Now is the Time!

If you have not participated in the Hashkings pre-sale for an opportunity to receive a plot of land in one of the three remaining regions, a seed from one of those regions and a water tower you should think about doing it now. Absolutely do not miss out on this opportunity to receive in game assets for over 50% off the post launch price which ends Friday March 12th (one week from the time of writing).

Also, you may want to take advantage of the fact that our regions are limited in number and if you do not get a plot now it will be very pricey to claim your stake as a Land Baron. Some of the plots are already selling for over 250 HIVE at NFTm.art

This will be the last time I stress the importance of this presale opportunity. There have been many times users have missed out on golden opportunities by not purchasing in-game NFTs at a discount and become the first to get a genesis batch. Also, I cannot guarantee that it will be cheap to rent/purchase subdivisions from other users if it will even be possible at all.

The Hashkings economy is a community driven and Land Barons may choose to Farm their subdivisions rather than renting/selling them to others. Asia, Jamaica and Africa are already completely sold out. Get in on purchasing bundles which not only include land and seeds but also a water tower(limited in number).

Get your bundles by visiting the Official Hashkings Presale

Special Bonus

There are two special bonuses, one of which has already been distributed to users who participated on Twitter. 200 lucky contestants received one of Special Edition "High Astronaut" Shaggi NFTs on the wax blockchain, pictured below.

Our second bonus will be distributed to everyone who participated in the presale and loyal Hashkings users that have been with us since the beginning. As part of Hashkings, users will choose an Avatar for gameplay and this bonus gives you an opportunity to get in on our "Magical Shaggi". Users will receive both the male and female version of the NFT art pictured below. Yes, just like everything else in Hashkings these avatars are NFTs!

At this point we are nearing the end of our development phase and Hashkings will be ready to be played very soon. Get your bundles!

Thank you so much for reading and supporting Hashkings 2.0. Catch you next time!

Official links

Hashkings WebApp

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I've bought my plots!

Awesome! Thanks for coming on board and see you in the fields!

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Thank you so much for the update! Is there anything we need to do to make sure we get the second bonus? Is this WAX related at all like the astronaut?

You guys are doing a GREAT job!

Thanks! Nope, you just have to have participated in the Hashkings presale. We will airdrop the avatars a day before launch :) They are HIVE NFTs

Awesome. Looking forward to the game. Just bought a few different plots.

Looks like a really cool game for sure 😉 might check it out.