Hashkings News #4 - Matic Farming/ Crafting in bulk...

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!Hey Kings and Queens!

Matic Farm Situation

Two days ago we were expecting to launch our first farm using the Firebird service which was to set up a farm and distribute rewards to all the LP provides (BUDS/MATIC), in this case, we used 5 million BUDS for testing.

Everything was ready and once the farm started we noticed that nobody was able to claim the rewards and the LP value was dropping. What happened is that as we set up the pool to distribute 1.92 BUDS per block and our token didn't had decimals, the firebird contract gave away the 5 Million BUDS to the first person that claimed the reward and he dumped all the BUDS in the next minutes.


Is a terrible way to start in the DEFI world and happily it didn't have any notable consequence, most of the LP affected was mine (Liuke) and the other LP providers ended with more value in $ than initially because the BUDS were dumped to a really really cheap price as the LP was just starting and it wasn't deep enough.

We are waiting for a compensation from the Firebird team which have been very kind so we expect a final answer soon on how they act, gladly only 5 million were used to test this and as one of our members said, blockchain doesn't have an undo button so before integrating these kind of new features we will always test it in small scenarios to prevent any real damage to the Hashkings ecosystem.

With that said we will re-consider setting up the farm reward, we will still going to provide LP so you can trade BUDS on MATIC, as you may know, we have big help from the blockchain gaming accelerator and their representant wagginston .

We are really ashamed of what happened and as always thanks for being with us.

Now You Can Craft Joints In Bulk!

We know crafting JOINTS was a slow process if you were thinking of getting tons of XP, so from now you will be able to craft whatever number of JOINTS
you want!

And that's not all, we also included the coinpayments gateway, and this means you can buy JOINTS using any currency that is being accepted by them, like all the other currencies, we are gonna use them to buy and burn BUDS.


Don't Miss Your Chance To Win $200!

We just announced a video contest! In which you can get a share of the $200 prize pool.

We would love to see Hashkings being explained through videos as youtube is one of the most perfect platforms to share about Blockchain Gaming, so the contest will be as easy as the last one, you need to record a video introducing new players to the Basics of Hashkings, including how to join HIVE.

All videos need to be uploaded on youtube and posted as a commentary in this post, you may also create a post for it.

Once your video is published you must share it on Twitter, you must tag us, our official account is @HashkingsGame

You have until the 31st to participate, on the 1st november we will publish the winners.

Remember to follow us on our social networks:

And of course on HIVE ;)

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