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!Hey Kings and Queens!

You can't really imagine all the things that we are doing and that we will do to make Hashkings an experience that no one will be able to miss!

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We expect you already know this, but if you have not been taking a look at our Gitbook let us tell you that we will implement cross-chain rewards in different protocols encouraging users to provide liquidity, starting with the BUDS/FTM pair!

Our plan will be once we test the performance of the first rewards pool in FTM, we will deploy 2 more pools on 2 famous protocols:

  • BSC

With their respective BRIDGES

!Wait! - ¿Where Do The Rewards Come From?

If you ask yourself this question, you probably haven't read our gitbook in which we detail our treasury system! But that's okay, we are going to summarize it very briefly.

Instead of creating inflation by issuing BUDS, Hashkings owns a treasury that works recycling BUDS in this way:

  • All the BUDS that are deposited daily in the MOTA pool are used for various purposes such as RAIDS, LP rewards, Twitter giveaways, etc.

  • Instead, the deflationary mechanism will be all the extra uses that we give to the BUDS, all the BUDS used in the creation of JOINTS, forging fees, etc. will be permanently burned.



We will give you some time to prepare yourself for the LP farms so we will announce it on 12th October with all the detailed info along with the RAIDS launching date, so you will have enough time to catch some cheap BUDS ;).

These are only little steps in our vision of making Hashkings a layered ecosystem of games cross-chain, so you will be able to interact with the same economy through different experiences on different blockchains, adding value to the entire ecosystem.

Remember to follow us on our social networks, we are giving away 3000 BUDS a day to 10 users on Twitter!

And of course on HIVE ;)

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I have seen your posts around and just checked out your game. You are build on HIVE? Looks cool at first look but I wasn't able to figure out how to play. Do I have to buy something first because it keeps telling me that I have no land.

1UP-devider-comment.pngYou've got 1UP'ed! Thanks for using 1UP and its #oneup tag, your NFT and PlayToEarn blockchain gaming community on www.1up.zone. Join us on Discord.

Hey!! absolutely! we are on HIVE but we will be multichain eventually. Is a bit hard to understand at first sight cause our entire game is tokenized so this opens multiple paths to start playing, this gitbook can help you a bit:


And the starter pack for self sustaining planting is:

  • Own lands
  • Water towers (produce HKWATER)
  • STAKING MOTA (get seeds)

that would be the base, lands, water towers and seeds are NFTs. BUDS, MOTA, HKWATER are FTs

thanks for the hint. going to check it out.

Stoked to see Hashkings still chugging forward in a positive direction! Long time no talk, got a gaming account now I just started up. Hope you are doin well brotha.

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Excelente info. Sería genial que todas sus publicaciones también estén en español, la comunidad de habla hispana es gigantesca en Hashkings. Saludos.

https://peakd.com/@hashkings-es obvio que lo tenemos en español!

Listo, muchas gracias. Hashkings forever.

Super, excelente trabajo como siempre :D!

Great news. Looking forward to the growth and growth of the hashkings ecosystem.

We appreciate your support!

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