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We are very close to launch and I wanted to give everyone a quick update of what we have been up to. Currently we are finishing up the art work and frontend. Our backend is mostly finished so we will be able to launch in (fingers crossed) about 2 weeks! Our pre-sale is going amazingly with 50% of our regions already sold out and over 50% of the plots available already snatched up by many of our land barons.

We expect to be 90% sold out at launch so I would not hesitate to get the discounted bundles while supplies last. Remember that you are getting a fantastic deal by participating in the pre-sale and once we launch you will no longer be able to take advantage of this 35% discount.

At launch seeds, water towers and plots(if any are available) will need to be purchased individually to get started. We have determined the cost of our water towers which will sell for the Hive equivalent of $1.00 per level. The seed price is determined by our seed producers and will be available for sale at NFTm.art and you can see that seeds are already sale there. I don't see folks selling their seeds for a cheap price so makes sure to grab them now and get ahead of the game. Hopefully the price will stay competitive but this will be up to the community. Land plots, if there are any available will be priced according to the chart below.

Region (Plot ONLY)Price (in dollars)
South America7.50

Pre-Sale Stats

BundleAvailableTotalPercent Sold out
South America801130039
Bundles SoldAvailable BundlesTotalPercent Sold Out
Regions Sold OutRegions AvailablePercent Sold Out

In the following sections you can see the latest art work for our consumables, boosters and plot subdivsions. Enjoy and come join the other 289 Hive users currently registered for Hashkings!


hemp wrapped blunt plata.png


cross joint plata.png

pinner plata.png

Twax joint plata.png










Reloj de bolsillo.png

Reloj de plutonio.png

Reloj de pulsera.png

Reloj la caja, la caja.png

Reloj tostadora.png

Water Towers

Level 4.png

Level 5.png

Level 6.png

Level 7.png

Level 8.png

Level 9.png

Level 10.png

Level 1.png

Level 2.png

Level 3.png

Thank you so much for reading and supporting Hashkings 2.0. Catch you next time!

Official links

Hashkings WebApp

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I have had an account with you for over a year and have been playing for that long.
At that time it was the 20 HP delegation that I still have with you.
Hopefully I can continue to play without buying a new pack.
I still have seeds and a plant in the breeding.
Thanks and many greetings

If you had a delegation with Hashkings then you would have received an airdrop a couple of weeks ago :). Please check NFTm.art

I did not get an NFT.
Can I continue to play now ?
After all, I still have seeds and a plant.

I see them here.


Please check NFTm.art to verify. Thanks!

I did not know this page yet.
Thanks a lot

I am excited for the launch of the game, I already have my lands, I hope to play it soon!untitled.gif

can't wait to start playing guys!!!! 🤓🤓🤓🤓

hey :)

I've already played the old game with @luegenbaron
had some land and quite some rare seeds.. plus a few thousand kush

is that lost?

greets :)

Not lost! Did you still want to use the @luegenbaron account?

cool! :)

no, I have this new account now cuz I've bricked my old one/ lost masterkey

Ok please hit me up on Discord and we'll get you set up :)

Thanks for the posts! Today was the first I had heard about this. Looks like a great project. Had to go snag a plot before the pre-sale ends :)

Muchas expectativas! esperando con ansias el lanzamiento. 😄

I can't wait, keep up the good work!



Thank you! We have come a long way!

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Please Refill Your Barrels By Directly Buying WINE From Marketplace & Make Sure You Have Atleast 25.00 WINE In Staked Wallet.

Total Purchase : 21188.785 WINE & Last Price : 0.290 HIVE

WINE Current Market Price : 0.295 HIVE

Just had enough to purchase another Pack and did it,
This will be great fun it seems, ha !

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The graphics look amazing.

Thank you for this update, looking forward to this launching

Thanks! I'm really excited too, our graphics designer is top notch!