Double the Beans, Double the Fun

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Reward Increase

Over the last 7 months we have made many improvements and upgrades to Hashkings and today we announce another awesome upgrade!

Twice the Seeds for successful harvests!

This means when its time for harvest you will receive two bags of seeds (two seeds) which you can either plant or gift. Plant one bag and keep growing for free and gift the other and get a friend playing.

Harvest time Decreased

Not only do you get two seeds for harvest with this new upgrade but you can harvest them twice as fast. It now takes 8 weeks to harvest instead of 16 weeks. Which means you can harvest twice as many seeds twice as fast!

We hope to see you soon!

Don't forget about all the other benefits of joining Hashkings!

User ActionBenefit
DelegateGain Entrance to Hashkings
Purchase SeedsIncrease Reward Pool
Acquire KFQEnable Extended Gameplay
Purchase Supplies with KFQGrow More Seeds and Discover Phenotypes
StakingEarn KFQ and Become Board Member
Follow Curation TrailEarn Upvotes
Delegate 150+ SPEarn More Than Double the Curation

If you would like to delegate today please visit SteemBotTracker or delegate using the links below

250 SP - 500 SP - 1000 SP

Would you like to follow our trail and earn a 5% upvote? Please follow this link to SteemAuto

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