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Economic Update


We have reached these milestone this week:

  • 111 Farmers
    • These are the total number of current users participating in Hashkings
  • 504 Farms
    • Total number of plots leased
  • 9485.609 STEEM Power
    • Total Amount of STEEM Delegate + Powered Up

Interface Update

Main Menu

Farming Page

  • Grow Journal
    • We have upgraded the progress bar to reflect the stage of your plants


Plot Market

  • Fixed Delegation info


Seed Market

  • Introduced new seed types, learn more...
    • Genesis Seeds
    • Beta Seeds
    • HK Seeds

Special Offers

Cross Platform Partner with EMS on TRON!

Hashkings is an official agent for @emswellness! This grants anyone using the code hashkings 15% off any of the High Quality CBD products at twiztedMonkey.com.


We are selling Hashkings apparel!

Would you like a T-Shirt or Hoodie with the Hashkings Logo displayed on it? We have setup a shirt sale at Bonfire.com.

Come be part of the gang!


Hashkings Curation Trail

Our curation trail will upvote your content based on the amount of STEEM Power you delegate to Hashkings.

Please see the table below

DelegationUpvote WeightFrequency (Per Day)
151 - 350 SP30 - 35%1
351- 550 SP40 - 45%1
551 - 1200 SP50 - 55%1 - 2
1201 - 6000 SP60 - 70%2
6001 - 10000 SP70 - 80%2

You can remove or change your delegation at any time

If you would like to delegate today please visit SteemBotTracker or delegate using the links below

250 SP - 500 SP - 1000 SP

Would you like to follow our trail? Please follow this link to SteemAuto

Join us in our Discord and visit the seed-trade channel to stay up to date.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!

Hashkings Official Links

Hashkings Web App

Hashkings Discord

Hashkings STEEM Account


STEEM Community Showcase

We love community and the Canna-Curate Server has the most knowledgeable growers and smokers on the Blockchain. Stop by and stay a while, spark up a bowl and chat with some of the members.

canna-curate | The #1 Cannabis Curation Trail on STEEM

Read what our farmers have to say here and please don't hesitate to reach out in the comments below!

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The grow journal is looking sweet! and almost 10K STEEM Power, that's awesome news! Keep on growing! 🌱

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Keep building and growing!

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