Holding my head up and being patient. Puppy fundraiser was a success.

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Today was super hard.


Credit to this artist I think it's in the picture.

Really hit me. Well and seeing all the dog pictures I've got left.

His collar that he just loved too much. His bow tie with skulls he wore into the ground ..


I have these small reminders slap me in the face every morning.

It is going to be roughly 21 days until I get a crazy bundle of love come into my life.

As sad as I am now I do have to take off some time for healing myself and my heart.

Getting my dog is not going to be instantaneously done. However the right dog is destined to come into my life and we are going to build an amazing future together soon.

Thank you everyone for your support help and all of the wonderful things you guys do.

The community has been really amazing and I'm glad that I'm a part of this cryptosphere.

Thank you everyone for all your support and encouragement even one times are tough.

And thank you Hive for being here.

Even if market is down I still see forward progress every day.

Things keep growing and building every single day.

Everyone needs to make sure to continue working forward on a positive path even when times are rough. It is always darkest just before Dawn.

Hopefully this year will shape up being positive influence at some point in time.

Until then I think I'm just going to have another dab and see what I can do about playing video games.

There's one time I was playing video games and Zeus decided that staring at me was more fun while he had his head on my chest and nosed underneath the Nintendo switch so he could stare at me while he slept.

I totally didn't bother him at all playing video games while he slept on my chest.

Super bestest dog ever and I really can't wait for my life to be blessed with this next puppy.

Well life is so much more Grand when you do things in a good way and work on taking care of yourself.

It isn't going to be the easiest thing waiting for having that puppy come into my life but at least I know that we have it all set and taken care of.

It is going to be a couple of months before my puppy is really big enough but I have to say I'm going to relish every minute of these wild puppy moments.

Let alone starting the beginning training for the job that I need my dog to perform and having a feeling from the accomplishments of his parents I'm going to be challenged at keeping up with him as well as training him to his full potential.

Since I'm not going to have the huge setback in framing time due to health reasons that means that I can work exceptionally hard on the search and rescue side and get a fully trained search dog as well as of course my PTSD service dog.

Next up I'm also looking into GPS tracking systems for my dog.

Yep even in large areas I'd like to be able to know where my dog is lost at and if he is in trouble.

That collar is going to be about $150.

And we will see what it is when I'm finally to that point.

There is a huge amount of technology coming out for dogs.

I'm excited to see more about all this as well.

Future isn't totally closed off. There is plenty of hope and adventure.