First greenhouse post for 2020

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Hello, and welcome to my page!

I had to shovel snow again yesterday, so I decided to check on my greenhouse while I was outside. I get out there probably once or twice a week just to look around and to check on the winter tank for the pond fish.

So far, I haven't had any problems with the water freezing up in the tank. I had put insulation board around the tank last fall when I set it up for the fish, and I have a lamp fixture with a 100 watt incandescent bulb over the water to add some heat to the water. I also have a small pond water pump in the tank just to circulate the water and help with aeration for the fish.

I used a couple of aluminum angles to suspend the light fixture over the middle of the tank. Those pieces of angle are sitting on a metal framework that sits on top of the tank. It seems to work quite well.

The front of the greenhouse is quite the mess right now. It becomes storage space in the winter. As you can see, I didn't pull the last tomato plant before winter hit. I don't need the fly traps this time of year, but I didn't bother to remove them when it got cold. They'll still work when it warms up this spring.

I've been working to keep the snow from piling up against the front of the greenhouse when it slides off the roof. That means removing it with the snowblower and shovel. Last year it piled up right to the roof line and the snow couldn't slide off. The roof slope is quite shallow, so if the snow got deep on the roof, it could affect the roof. I'd be concerned about the plastic roof panels caving in if the snow load got too heavy.

Due to my basic laziness in the winter, the cannabis plants are still hanging from the rafters in the back of the greenhouse. One of these days, I need to go out there and harvest all the buds, I'm sure they'll be dry enough now. They're still quite sticky, so that's a good thing. The camera didn't quite focus properly on this picture.

I have the new exhaust manifold ready to put on the pickup truck engine, it's sitting in the back of the greenhouse, waiting for a nice day to do it. That may be a while yet.

One more picture. I had to pull the snow off the roof of the camper trailer again yesterday. It wasn't that thick, but with the warmer weather that we've been having, it could turn into ice, then it would be heavy and difficult to remove.

Well, that's all I have for this post, thanks for stopping by to check it out!



Brrr - look at all that snow! I can't even imagine shovelling snow in the winter.

DIY at a standstill here - Jamie is having problems with the landrover clutch which is driving us bonkers.

I suppose you're lucky and don't get snow in your winters. :-)
Car problems are always a pain in the butt! Fixing a clutch can be a big job...

So to harvest cannabis you have to pull up the plant and hang it upside down to dry?

Most people cut the plant off just above the ground and hang it up rather than pulling the roots out of the dirt. Hanging it upside down helps the moisture and the resins move to the buds rather than staying in the stalk.

Ah I see. Just like tobacco. I read that some beans should be harvested that way as well but I just let them dry on the living plant.

I also let the beans dry on the plant. They're easy to pick that way.

The bane of every temperate gardener is the wait for the snow to melt and the ground warm up.

Isn't that the truth!

Oh no you forgot the weedcash tag

You're right, I did forget that! I don't know if it will do any good to add it now, but I should do it anyway.

if it works, ill reset votes so you get some weed, :). BTW I bet that bud will still be great for edibles and such.

I updated the tags, hopefully that will work.
It's interesting that the weedcash tag doesn't seem to be supported in steempeak the way tags like palnet are.

It worked! :)

Yeah it costs 1000 ENG to get that. Richard is still working on it, :)

Yeah, that's a lot of steem...
Maybe you should start a fund raiser on steemit to get help with the necessary steem to convert to ENG for that. I'd contribute a bit of steem to that.