Why Do People Fear Freedom So Much?

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So many of us talk about freedom, wanting freedom, needing freedom and not having enough freedom, and why is that? Why are there so many restrictions on the things we do, think, say, hear, what we can buy, where we can move, who we can vote for to represent our interests, how we can earn, what we can own and so much more?

The restrictions are there for the simple reason as we allow them to be there; there is no other logical explanation for it. We as a society do not want our freedoms, we will cop-out at the earliest sign of resistance, and we're willing to give up our rights and liberties at the drop of a hat.

We fear ourselves

The reason we're happy to have government dictate what we can and cannot do is that we fear choice, we concern ourselves, we don't trust ourselves to do the right thing. Many of the laws we have today apply to all of us but were motivated by the behaviours of a minority of people. So if one makes a mistake, we all suffer.

Instead of trying to uplift those of our society we feel have strayed and strive to provide them with the information, guidance and resources to focus on their interests and improvement of their lives we slap a blanket rule to govern all.

I'll make an example; marijuana is illegal in many countries around the world because of whatever reasons the government deemed it necessary. They have passed laws to make the growth and consumption of it illegal and punishable by law which costs millions to enforce each year. This forces those who want to use it to have to find creative solutions to get their hands on it. It also inflates the price as it creates artificial scarcity which makes it an attractive proposition for those wanting to get into the business of production, distribution and sale of marijuana.

Instead of just having no regulation or legislation or enforced law and letting the market decide if they want the product or not. Do we not trust people not to want what they don't want? Oh because it's now legal people are going to lose their minds and be high all the time and let it affect various other self-interests.

If they want to do that, its still their choice, but I fail to believe it will harm any productive value of society. There are cities and countries where the cultivation of marijuana is legal, and I've yet to seem them implode into a dystopian environment because of it.

Image source: - fchamberslaw.com

Preying on uncertainty

The fear of uncertainty is part of our human nature. It is a spiritual problem that affects our personal lives and governments have used this to create various levels of Authoritarianism is the general response to a deep fear of freedom.

By outsourcing the rules to a third party, we give up personal responsibility because we don't want to have complete trust in ourselves. As long as we follow the rules laid out by our superiors, all responsibility for our actions belongs to them, and we are off the hook.

Freedom is a burden

Freedom is great in theory, but when it comes into practice, most people don't want their independence, they want more of it taken away, which is evident in today's society. You might think of freedom as something that makes life easier.

Taking back one's freedom means fewer rules and more room to do what you want to do with your life. This is true in a sense, but at the same time, freedom is a burden. Freedom doesn’t require less of us. It requires more. To many, the responsibility of freedom is a scary thing. Governments have harnessed this year and convinced people to think they aren't capable of good, that the minority who don't act in their self-interest to pursue happiness and prosperity will rip apart the fabric of society. That we're all animals that need to be effectively caged because we cannot trust ourselves without restrictions.

Ask yourself? Are you willing to take full responsibility for yourself? If everyone took care of themselves, wouldn't everyone be cared for adequately? Instead of A+B deciding whats best for C and having D pay for it all, which is basically what a government does.

Freedom is a burden, but we are always better off with it than without it.

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I don't have a problem with people sacrificing freedom for security.
I have a problem with them sacrificing my freedom for their security.

I love the way you put it and I agree, just like I don't mind other people being foolish with their money I don't want banks being foolish with my money. We should all have the right to choose what you want to do but don't drag people down with you


Very well articulated. Freedom and responsibility are inseparable. I love this post.

Indeed it’s like people want freedom lite or freedom benefits but the responsiblity I want to outsource! Is it really that bad TI look after yourself?

Interesting topic here :)
Its easier when you follow someone else rulles and put the blaim on them if something goes wrong. Most people dont want to blaim them self, for anything in their lives.

Becouse of this there is no personal growth. Once you start taking responsabilities for your self you put pressuer on your self. Some people can handle it and make them self a better persons in the process, others not as much.

I also believe its about having a proxy to blame, no one wants to realise the reason they are miserable or not where they are in life is because of themselves.

It has to be external factors and policies it can't be my fault, I'm a good person lol is what we tell ourselves. Like you say theres no personal responisblity we've claimed the title of good person/better person/better than a situation without having to earn it

When cannabis was illegal, it was still very easy to get. Society did not go crazy consuming it. Now that it is legal, there are probably less people smoking, lol It is madness how governments suppress us. Funny thing is, most people want more of it!

Exactly it appeals to those who like to go against the grain and do things that are taboo for the sake of it! When we look at the natural demand it will even out as it should and finds its equilibrium!

If people want to spend their time getting high they have every right to do with their life as they please!

As long as you not hurting me or taking my money to fund what you do I’m pretty okay with anything

Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

Ain’t that the truth I don’t care what your intentions are, good or bad when the method of execution is inherently bad

We can't be free until the majority rejects violence as a means to their ends.

What kind of utopia needs armed thugs to be viable?

Lol a world where if you want something you need to go out and do the work create a compelling argument or offer something of value and actually trade with one another!

Who wants to do all that work? Let’s just make sure we’re the bigger bully

Excellent publication. It's very thought-provoking. Obviously we all want to be free, but free of responsibility. It's true that there is a fear of freedom. But there's also guilt in what they teach us as kids, in the schools. They condition us to behave well, correctly in order to be accepted. If we follow the rules, we won't have any problems. And the father figures become the authorities and the governments, who know what you should do or what you should not do.

And anyone who does not agree with the teacher will be sanctioned or expelled from the class. Does that sound familiar?

In order to be free, we have to remove years of manipulation engraved in our subconscious. We're like the elephant that's tied up with a little rope and still doesn't move.

Thanks for sharing man! J-Squad! :D

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You have made an excellent summary of how we are conditioned to reject freedom for the safety and benefits that conformity provides us. While I would love for more people to fight and continue to claim their freedoms I do understand the appeal. But it's those who go against these ideals and claim their freedom that brings new ideas, make them a reality, drive innovation and push us forward even if most of us are unwilling to progress they force us to recognise it.

Yes, thanks to them we have all the inventions that surround us, not only technological but also medical, social and psychological.

It's a shame to call them the crazy ones because they don't settle like most of us do.

Nice post, for me freedom is a must, is the way I am living and am.
Happy New Year by the way ;)

Thanks, I think we havnt really gotten to grips with what freedom is and what it entails as an individual

Happy new year to you too!


If you’re only going to learn what they tell you, you’ll follow what they do! If that’s your choice by all means but you’re free to search for more information if it’s in your own self interest to do so, If you’re happy with the way things are by all means go ahead

Ah I’d love to visit Chile one day, met some amazing people from your country during the World Cup in South Africa

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