My response to being wrongly blacklisted. I ask if you’ve ever gotten anything out of a post from me or you felt I supported you please comment below.

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Edit - Correction. This is not a black list issue mistake at all. It’s been confirmed the individual mass downvoting my account has no connection to any witness blacklist. They are acting solo and just happen to have million plus hive power and want to continue to harass me.I’ve made multiple attempts to just ask what the issue is and have no reply from them. You can look as they just canceled there downvote just to increase it snd zero out another post. I’d appreciate if a couple witnesses take a look at this. This is bullying and a level of harassment that is beyond childish and frankly hope good people here will stand against this behavior.
End of edit!

I woke up to every single one of my posts downvoted by multiple accounts with hive power over a million to baxk it up. I asked the accounts and the one who responded make fun of me and laughed when I honestly asked what was this about. I’m angry and feel really wronged. I apparently am accused of voting on posts six days old or something. And told I often voted a few accounts who voted me a lot. I see at least two accounts I supported often had all there posts downvoted to zero because I voted on them. I’m so confused guys. I’ve been generous and supportive here of multiple communities. Frankly I’m hurt. This is wrong! If you’ve had any positive experience with interacting with me or if I often supported you please let me know in comments.
I am just hurt/ I don’t get this attack but with enough power to use hardly any vote Weight to bring me to zero on everything I obviously can’t compete if they continue this. My original posts all voted to zero and I’m told it’s never gonna stop. Wow mt rep is down 5 for rv 6 points in just hours. I did nothing wrong. This is fucked


My experience with you is that you are very supportive and often comment and upvote on my comments on other posts and also comment on my posts. That is too rare.

You are a GREAT Hivelander and none of your posts I have ever seen are valued over a few dollars; and so I don't know how you could be milking the system, especially since half of that returns to curators. And anyone who has invested coin and time deserves to benefit from the system in a reasonable way.

It would be a great lost to HIVE if you liquidated your account and went elsewhere. You don't just post and run but actually engage. Hopefully those involved in the downvoting will reconsider their take on this. We CAN'T afford to lose people like you and you should not be punished for upvoting the content of those you enjoy. It's your influence and I have witnessed you strengthen HIVE and not weaken it with it.

So, how is dustsweeper any different from what we have here?

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It prevents the rewards on some of your comments to get below the minimum threshold for payout. So if someone upvoted a comment on the first few days and the value of the vote went below the payout threshold, dustsweeper swoops in and upvotes just enough to get it to payout than have 0 returns entirely.

Well maybe we can get @themarkymark to come on and say what is wrong so we can all be adults and get it fixed perhaps. I wish people could just discuss things before it goes all nuclear all the time.

But I hope you can understand why I’m so upset. I’m the one trying to just figure this out. The guy wont talk to me

I get it. I hope it is all going to be better. Guess it is best to have everyone opinions out in the open.

Hope you feel better today.

That’s all I want

I don't know anything about a blacklist but I can tell you someone made the decision to moderate rewards on the 6 day content and is suggested that your account along with others may have been compromised and now knowingly or not participating in an abusive voting ring consisting of a multitude of others. You may need to change your account keys if I am understanding.

Once that is done, we should have no problems moving forward but I do back the previous call that was made towards suspicious voting trends. Also, I thought the meme would help take the edge off so sorry if you took offense. ✌️

So I generally avoid flag wars, however what the hell is this! @geneeverett is a long standing member of my tribe #silvergoldstackers and has been and is a great supporter of Hive since back in the Steem days. I don't know you you or your project, given what little I have earned in four years on the blockchain why should I?

But the tactic of simply banging an account sucks. BTW I was banished from Steemit simply for memes against Justin Sun. I did it to prove a point. While your intentions may be good, shooting first and asking later is reckless.

There that is my Two Cents.

Personally, I may not agree with the method but I do agree with the intent. If theré is a malicious botnet that is using user key, the users ought to take action for the good of the ecosystem. I don't think that is asking too much.

Are you so sure of the intent? The stated intent seems to be a facade that quickly falls away in response to criticism, revealing nothing more than an out of control ego bent on intimidation.

If this is the company you wish to keep and to defend, that is your choice. I have kicked around here long enough to know where this crap ends.

I’m so livid it’s best I don’t keep talking. But I still have no reply. Just nothing but downvote insanity. I don’t think I’m sticking around here after this

Good afternoon @steemflagrewards
So I dunno why they dragged me into this but they did. Should I take the advice above also? These accounts did same on my stuff. I’m only here a month or two and quite honestly this is weird. Anyway I’m at a weed conference so can’t stay mad. ✌️
But just for the record Gene has been supportive and most welcoming account here. I know he’s a huge NoAgenda fan so it makes sense but he’s gone outta his way to help welcome me. Just for the record….

Yes, indeed. It seems nefarious actor may have access to your account so that is the first action I would take. Don't do it while you are blazed as you may forget to save the new key. Glad to be of service. Hopefully, we can work together to get the bad actors under control. 👍

the self-entitled gate-keepers of hive do nothing but harm the growth of the platform.

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Hey @geneverett,

So I just read your edit UPdate and I see that the downvote has been removed from this post... but it sounds like no one has made any explanation for a zero out downvote blitz to your entire account.

This is the sort of unfriendly stuff I have been keeping an eye on... because it absolutely destroys the credibility and marketability of our blockchain.

It looks as if it was done with some sort of human directed pin point followed by a large bot downvote. Super unfriendly... especially if your someone new to our blockchain.

I’m going to ping @Apshamilton to see if he and some of the other Witness’s can look into this.

If this is going to be a standard practice to blindside accounts... this is something we should all be taking seriously... and explanations should be in order.

From spam downvoting aka dusting to zero outs like this... it’s not just a little downvote... It boarders on phycological abuse.

How we treat our own does matter...

People outside this blockchain are watching and deciding if they want to join us... we need to give people as many reasons to join as reasons to stay.

Thank you so much @Apshamilton for taking a look at this... I know that you certainly must be as busy as all get out!



Ah man. This is terrible... at some point you have got to wonder what they are thinking and if they see the bigger picture for the social environment here on Hive.

Are you sure you are all above board? Everything’s squeaky clean right?!

Why in gods green earth would they systematically do this? None of this is making sense and I have noticed quite a lot of this lately too.

Hang in there @geneverett and hopefully we can get some answers sooner rather than later...

Oh for sure. Social Capital goes a long way especially in a crisis.

So I’m sure that you’ve been racking your brains... but do you have any idea why they would downvote initially to zero out your post... and then readjust the downvote to zero it out again⁉️

This is very concerning! That’s why I’m asking about this...

They have just been doing what they do without explanation and that, in itself is unfriendly and not good for Hive in the long or short of it... so that is also why I’m asking.

If you are to fully recover through the use of social capital and the communities opinion on the matter your going to have to be untouchable. Squeaky clean! 🧼

Is there anything they might be reacting to other than voting on something you liked on the 6th day? (Which I think is perfectly fine as you are within the directive of the blockchains code.)

But yeah... if we are going to dig our way out of this downvote mess... we are going to have to form public opinion by informing them fully.

You gotta help us fully understand the situation so that we can all fully help out wherever it’s needed.

You’ve been here a long time... so I think getting to the bottom of this is one of those things that you’ll be better off doing sooner rather than later!

Right now you have social capital and people’s ears on your side... but it won’t always be that way...

Unfortunate I don’t think that this is the sort of thing that you can pretend hasn’t happened and just try to go about your regular blogging activities as you normally would.

I’m doing my best to highlight this situation where I can... but let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help with this situation. 🙂

I’m hanging 👍 and thank you for taking an interest. I agree with you like if I didn’t have friends here from being here since 2017 I’d have no voice after this. I wonder how many have left due to this kinda stuff. Well gonna take it easy today. Let’s touch base soon friend🙏

Still doing it to me also. I tried to stay clear seeing getting upset didn’t do my buddy Gene any favors but this is really frustrating. I see they are still as of hour ago doin it to Gene also. Just sucks man. I wanted to add to the podcasting 2.0 community. This is just not worth it. I’m going to suggest to the podcasting 2.0 guys we discuss doing a fork of the chain for a podcasting 2.0 chain focused project.

See... this is exactly the outcomes that unfriendly actions on the blockchain result in... collectively we are strong. Fragmented and isolated we are weak.

I know that your feeling frustrated right now... but trust me when I say that change is coming! Hive is going to default to positive and it’s going to have to soon because this is REALLY hurting the price of our Token and our reputation in the wider crypto community.

Hive, in its current state, isn’t marketable no matter what sort of brilliant marketing minds are hard at work... so we have got to continue to trust that the community will wakeUP and realize this... and take certain actions (like @Comet.Ranker) to be a catalyst to those ends!

Always remember... positive action is 10X what any negative action can produce.

I believe that we are much much closer to change than we think we are... and so I implore you to stay with and continue to trust the Hive Community.

We have so many good people here... and I know that a collective response is in the works. I can feel it.


Thank you!

They just did it again a few minutes ago. This is insane.

I think you should appeal this decision

It’s a lone actor. Not anything official. Just a guy named Mark and his whale bot

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Unbelievable! Just ignore those dumb asses. What you earn here doesn't pay the salt in your soup anyway, so fuck downvotes or what some self appointed inquisition guys think how things should work here.
The point is, do you want to stay in touch with the people (those you like) here or not.
And get better again soon!

Good point. But as you fen imagine it’s insanity I can’t even get a reply. Anyway I’m taking the day off. You are ine of my oldest Steem days buds on here. Thank you for the support! You are money 💴 nah real money 🪙🪙🪙🪙🪙. It’s a expression here if not over ur side of Atlantic. Like yo that new suit us money yo. It’s fresh it’s legit. Anyway I could always go to steemit 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Not sure why but I kinda miss @rollingthunder right now. You two were my best silver stacking buddies back in 2017 or so.just can picture him saying similar to you. Much love and respect to you🤟

Hey @rollingthunder You’ve been missing a lot! Mostly good but yea man hope ur good!

I am also using the Steem/Hive blockchain since 2017.
I registered on the Steem blockchain on 2017.05.17.
I received upvotes and comments from you over the years, so I can also tell that you are a good and supportive guy.
I hope that this situation will be solved soon.
I wish you all the best.

I give some !LUV and !PIZZA to support you.



@geneeverett! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @xplosive.

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@geneeverett, you've been given LUV from @xplosive.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/1)

Thank you for saying so!
I’ll stick around either way. Hopefully the parties doing this at least let me know there problem.
On a side note I probably should have not recorded a video with a fever looking like 💩 but at least it brought attention to this.

Cheers bud 🍻

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, too many have given up here. Remember the guy who is convinced that US coins will take over as money? Have not seen him for some time.
At least its not too bad if they only leave - I know one guy who actually died, a german who lived in Uruguay, @uruguru
I think from Covid, but things were kindo weird before his death.

You know what’s funny. Isn’t he huge on Steem now? Or maybe someone took the name. But I saw he had huge posts there. Here destroyed. Crazy

You mean uruguru? Yes he left here and only posted on Steemit, but then died in January or so.

That’s tragic. I’m sorry to hear this.
Man 4 years goes by fast but think of all that’s happened. But no I meant the pocket change guy. He got destroyed here and crushed but his posts are making bank on Steem. Unless it’s different guy?

Pocketchange right? I think he owes me from a bet. I bet coinage would not be revalued during Trump in office time. Think we bet 50 pennies pre 82 🤣

Yep, @pocketchange
I think its better to bet on small change disappearing completly, if inflation keeps rising. The way it was when I was in Brasil in the 90s. They only had notes, because the coins would have had no usable value anymore. Sometimes you could find some coins on the street, nobody cared to pick them up. Everybody had big bundles of notes, with 20,000 or 50,000 or 100,000 Cruzados denomination. And they were worth like 5 US cent or 10 cent or so. So a 1 Cruzado coin was much better used with a hole in it as a washer disk. :)
I think if the US$ really crashed big style, people don't want to see the old coins - just hearing the word "dollar" will make them puke, after all the misery they have been through by then.

Sorry I read these outta order. Ignore my last reply

Bullshit and something less specific but more aggravating. I read some of that exchange, and you have most certainly been wronged. A clear case of "I don't like you, so you shouldn't have money".

Wow just seeing this now. Dude any advice?
Can u tell me what’s up? It’s pretty unsettling and just weird to keep hearing a group of people discussed me like can I get read in. It’s just weird
I don’t mean you I mean the people refusing to even tell me there accusation when I ask. Well any information let me know. Cheers 🍻

Dude you weren’t kidding!

@themarkymark, Gene produced content for years and even if not, why not explain the wrong doing before nuke all rewards, even from other accounts like @artgirlnyc and not just Gene's upvote but all.

You surely have the power to remove all rewards from any person up to small whales but that doesn't look good to anyone who wants to participate on hive and we talk about rewards in a single-digit dollar range. If they're allocated wrongly, why not warn or give an explanation, if Gene honestly asked? and therewith for him the ability to still post in the future here on hive.

I hate that downvotes are even possible.. why give people the opportunity to act negatively.. because once you do they'll abuse the power

Downvoted because you’re whining.

Downvoted because you downvoted. Look... It's far more important to build trust and a friendly Hive. This sort of reason for downvoting is not friendly and harms all of our prospects here. That's, ultimately, what I save my downvotes for... Unfriendliness.

Do you happen to use your downvotes for posts that were plagiarized, spam and commit phising attacks too? Curious if unfriendliness was your only criteria for proper use of downvotes.

Absolutely it is. I vote my values... and here on Hive... Unfriendliness is something that will harm our reputation as it does nothing to improve the marketability of the Hive Blockchain either. Adding insult to injury... An unfriendly social environment burns out new people. Retention can't happen when even our long time owners are put off.

I won't stand by idle while I see people behaving in unfriendly way's towards others.

In the end... this is a social experience.

And friendliness get's you much farther than being cruel.

I'm all for trying to make the place less hostile than it can be but you're assuming conflict won't be part of the norm in a decentralized ecosystem where globalization meets cross cultural baggage? Tell me what you think about this post

I can respect other people's religious views and get downvoted when I write stuff that ain't aligned with their belief system, even toss a few exchanges while interacting with them, they can be unfriendly or I can be unfriendly but that's all fine and expected in a decentralized ecosystem where people are free to have their own say with whatever they want on the chain, doesn't mean they are free from the consequences of doing the hell they want.

You get what I'm saying? you can enforce your make people more friendly because that's how you envision how this decentralized ecosystem should behave and to some extent I can subscribe to wanting some peace and get along with diversity this place can offer but never think that when you're trying to impose your friendliness policy is an exemption to policing. There are some practices I don't subscribe and will continue to fight against and I don't need to be friendly or be respectful on belief systems that I find horrendous to tolerate and should I be policed to be friendly if I can't stomach some crap?

Tell me, when you want to give me downvotes, what exactly are you trying to accomplish here? are you giving me downvotes because you disagree or are you giving me downvotes because you want to enforce your view point on the matter on how things should work like you envisioned it to be on me?

Your making excuses... and from what I have seen... Your construct is quite off. Decentralization doesn't mean that we default to unfriendly. We need to be better than the social2.0's... Or we are going to quickly be marginalized within the crypto space.

This is about values, common respect, and decency.

Because there is actual monitory value to our social interaction it is important to realize... This super charges the social environment.

The worst thing we can do is operate in a way that's less than civil because it ultimately damages the Social Capital we are surrounding ourselves with.

I hope that you are receptive to what it is that I am saying.

You can consider my downvotes something in kind. Mostly I couldn't stomach the idea of someone being rewarded for being unkind and unfriendly... and attempting to impose themselves upon someone else for the only reason that they did something with their fully functional account that the code allowed. Who's account is it anyways right?

So that's the reason for the downvotes.

And yes...

I save them for the unfriendly things I see happening more and more on this blockchain.

If this continues... We won't have anything to fight about. It will all be gone... It's only a matter of time.

As an owner...

I'm going to do everything I can to bring a new culture to Hive.

A friendly one.

I hope that you are receptive to what it is that I am saying.

I am and thus the comments you've downvoted were upvoted by Gene himself I believe. So you think he was off his rocker or thought I was being offensive? or you just thought I was offensive on his behalf?

You can consider my downvotes something in kind. Mostly I couldn't stomach the idea of someone being rewarded for being unkind and unfriendly... and attempting to impose themselves upon someone else for the only reason that they did something with their fully functional account that the code allowed.

I saw you downvoted @amirl for just having light conversation with me expressing his views and I think we came into mutual agreement without overstepping boundaries there. But you downvoted them because they got rewarded? or because they were interacting or agreeing with me? he was being courteous to me even if we disagreed. He didn't exercise his downvotes or impose further nor do I had any plans to impose mine. Don't be a hypocrite, you're friendliness policy is noble but it's just policing with a virtuous name.

I'm going to do everything I can to bring a new culture to Hive.

Yeah about those method of replies I kinda expected some:

Body of text
Your name

Format the way you've been courteous about. I see some are more equal to merit your graces to use that format of reply. I do appreciate the latest reply with spaces and sentences in between though.

Do what you gotta do and hope you achieve that friendly hive ecosystem that you want to see, just know I'd still enjoy my freedom to do what I what and feel free to impose your belief systems on me as much as you want, this is everyone's freedom granted.


What if my way of being friendly is downvoting?


I can attest nathan's sense of humor isn't conventional but I like his way of greetings. Few friends tossing downvotes on each other can be seen as hostile now, maybe you need to rethink your form of greeting before the moral police comes after you.

I have the same problem with this guy sqube and gangstalking.


I think you've been marked for upvoting your own comments on day 6 and this behavior is frowned upon by the community that disagrees with the habit. It's not directly an attack to you as person but more on the habits that discourage milking the reward pool behavior. If you admit to the fault, willing to change your voting behaviors for the better, I think there is still a way to remedy the lost rep.

You were just fine earning from your account and upvoting stuff until the recent development of voting on Day 6 especially on a circle of accounts, going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't intend it but these are the same behaviors that people that exploit the reward system do thus why it is frowned upon. The blockchain still holds the records if you indeed voted on day 6 on those account so if one can trace the time stamps.

I do apologize if my downvote did hurt your feelings. But that was just disagreeing with the rewards on the post and nothing on the personal level. I do hope you reconsider your stance on the matter and take a step back and contemplate what happened. I don't speak for the people that you think have done you wrong. But I think showing some tact not to aggravate the situation and negotiate it better may be helpful.

I have done nobody wrong but if you aren’t involved and wanna move on on good tens that’s cool. But there was no need to be cruel

You said my music sucked and that’s why you downvoted me. I dunno WTF to believe.

I lied about that part. I felt indifferent about your music and it was mostly just adding to the campaigning to reduce the rewards you're getting. The other accounts that downvoted just follow this account automatically. I'll remove those downvotes once there has been some peaceful resolution to the drama.

I agree voting on day 6 is abusing the pool. But people tend to try and take advantage, thats normal and downvoting with no warning will scary away many good investors. Without the mass the system wont thrive.
I think its more scalable to deduct the intreset from the voting rewards by days with additional penalty. Some behaviors can also trigger a waring automatically - don't vote your own comments etc. If the bot finds a bad pattern.
But turning on the downvote punshiment in my opinion should be still manual. We are in a fragile phase and we want adoption and communication.

I thought people were allergic to bots spamming warnings. There's already a penalty in place for those voting late on curation but these hardly ever discourage anyone especially with larger stake to game the system. The issue was him doing it whether he may be intentionally doing so or just happen to like supporting the same crowd on day 6 old comments.

They can do that on fresh 1 or 2 day old comments than be suspiciously doing it on day 6 for what? Now it's not really right to assume intentions here, he might have meant well or he did try to game the system, who knows, what is sure is the voting behavior was done and these are the consequences.

Anyone is still welcome to counter those downvotes or reinforce the downvotes of course. I don't see him ever having a problem further unless he consistently does it even after all this. Aggravating the people that also downvote is also a bad idea. I mean, how hard is it just to not vote on day 6 and go for fresh comments instead?

Valid points

Anyway I see all my posts are still zero so somebody has me heavily downvoted. Who should I contact? Will it stop? Or am I am a list now? Anyway I’m livid because this really seems like somebody else did it for personal reasons. I’m one of the biggest supporters of total strangers on here. It just didn’t and doesn’t make sense. Anyway can u and me be friends? That’s positive on a shitty day like today.

Anyway I see all my posts are still zero so somebody has me heavily downvoted. Who should I contact? Will it stop? Or am I am a list now?

Those are something I'm in no control. The ones you need to contact are the ones downvoting you and I can't say on their behalf if they want to pursue downvoting or you are their blacklist. @cwow2 has mentioned a discord link you can join to reach them. It's a hassle I know, but you can try as there ain't anything to lose. Probably better to join once you've cooled off a bit.

It just didn’t and doesn’t make sense. Anyway can u and me be friends? That’s positive on a shitty day like today.

I can somehow empathize having a rough day and this scenario happening must be overwhelming. I don't mind being friends as long as you're willing to make amends and remove the downvotes thrown to some of the peeps that downvoted you, (don't remove the downvotes you put on me, those aren't something I can be bothered with).

I know its counterintuitive and you want those that wronged you have sanctions somehow but the faster way to reach some conflict resolution is just letting some stuff go. Whether you get any downvotes further or negative vibes from them isn't something I can control but I do encourage you to still try and be diplomatic and not aggravate the situation further. Again, no guarantee that it may or may not work, just saying stuff that would help it not make things worse.

LoL. This comment just sounds like do as I say or I wreck your experience until you do. Then I will be your master. Call them a friend as long as they do everything you think is right. My my how the whales have changed this space.

I'm a whale?

I wasnt being specific. I was just generalizing. I dont have the time or gumption to investigate every wallet.

Btw I just looked. One freaken comment of mine was upvoted outta last couple hundo. It just of been by mistake. If I was the kind of person who would upvote a single word , don’t u think I’d do it more then once and on all the legit long comments?

If I was the kind of person who would upvote a single word , don’t u think I’d do it more then once and on all the legit long comments?

I think it was more on the timing of your voting like on Day 6 and having too few on your circle you support that made it suspicious to begin with. While you may have no intention to game the system, the consequences are the same as those who do exploit the system. By changing the voting behavior to upvoting comments within idk, maybe within a day or two after they made would probably be more ok and also not your own or the same set of people, that would be even better. It's still up to you to take the advice or not and there's no guarantee the downvotes will stop. I'm just saying these are the stuff you did that caught some attention.

Shooting first and asking questions later is rather reckless, don't you think?

By the way, if you do not like voting on the sixth day then make a proposal to change the voting period. I think if the entire Community agrees with your idea concerning "appropriate" voting behavior it can written into the code. If not I can only ask who are you and this group that is imposing their will on everyone else.

Of course if I only voted on the sixth day, who the heck would care?????

Ohhhh my penny has destroyed the reward pools???

You remind me of Justin Sun! Who banished me from Steemit for silly memes. What next? I don't give a shit. Are you going to blacklist me to oblivion for thinking what you are doing is flat out WRONG.

If you have a problem, talk to an account first. Secondly, if you do not like the way voting is done, make a proposal to the entire Community. Go ahead see how well that is received.

I got nothing else for you.

I'll shoot first or talk first as much as I want, that's my initiative. I already read about the backstory before I gave my downvotes but thanks for assuming I didn't and shooting right away, that makes your extra seconds on typing worthwhile.

Ohhhh my penny has destroyed the reward pools

On your own comments? You can try and see who does then.

My hp is that intimidating enough? Must be a nightmare if I started typing in mandarin.

I'm fine with the voting system as is. The ability to do it or not and when you want to do it or not. He made his move I make mine.

Give me something else.

Type Mandarin all you want, make your moves, it will not change the fact that the Middle Kingdom has lost the Mandate of Heaven and only a fool can not see that.

Fair thee well.

As to your HP, this is a hobby for me, perhaps it is all you have?????

Caput Lupinum to ye!

Screenshot 2021-07-24 at 21-23-33 Gray Wolf Meme Generator - Imgflip.png

If you hear the rain RUN!

Holy $hit! What happened to the free world on Hive!? At this rate these draconian human opinionated ideals will endUP only driving people OFF the blockchain and back to the dysfunctional Social2.0's they were attempting to escape! Doesn't this mean that we are more dysfunctional ourselves? How many new people are going to putUP with (not to mention understand!) practices and thinking like this? No. This needs to STOP! And the sooner the better. Hive's marketability is at stake.

Aren't you already getting the benefits of the free world of Hive? You can upvote or downvote, agree or disagree, and free to say what you want and now I'm giving my own take on the matter. Let people have the freedom to do whatever they want on chain, vote or downvote however they please and make their say on it. I didn't mandate anyone to stop doing what they wanted to do if they prefer to upvote themselves or people on Day 6, I said that is one of the reasons they were getting downvote and the behavior is just tied to those gaming the system.

You want the freedom where people can express disagreement, then this is the freedom you're getting or were you envisioning a decentralized freedom where everyone just became everyone's yes man to protect muh rewards, muh freedom muh murica crap. Maybe you also want to take away my free speech for disagreeing too while you're at it? Make your own statement to disagree and take it up to the people you openly disagree, aka. the ones downvoting you're trying to stand up for.

Never said any of that. That’s what came out of your own mouth.

Stick to what the code allows... then people won’t be upset when you share your opinion because it’s in alignment with the code... not outside it’s parameters.

I’m not, in any way shape or form, suggesting that someone takes another’s voice away... I’m only saying that if your going to tell them what they can or can’t do with their own account... that’s, always going to come across as unfriendly. That’s what you did did you not? And not only that... you communicated that intent with downvotes AND words.

Freedom is great... until it is used to try and take away someone else’s freedom.

Being a Hive owner means that we all have a voice here... and we didn’t become owners to own a half functioning account now did we? And we certainly didn’t become owners so that someone else could tell us what we can and can’t do (outside of the agreed upon code) now did we?

That’s what we are really talking about here...

I’m just going to keep the topic on point.