Looking Back at August in the Garden.

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August is coming to a close, which means spring is nearly here, so getting seeds in ready for summer harvests is on the agenda. Thankfully the tomatoes volunteered themselves for an early start, so I've just moved them to a more suitable position. Some of them are looking really good, but others have come under attack from something. I'm not sure if they'll recover.

One of the stronger tomato plants.

I've just fished out a load of capsicum seeds which have been sitting in a pot for I don't know how long. I'm not sure exactly what they are, some are large and could be standard bell peppers, but others are smaller and should be chili peppers. I'm not even certain if any will sprout, but there's no harm in giving them a chance. I'm hoping for chili peppers.

I finally finished separating out the onions and they almost fill the entire garden bed (there are some leeks and garlic in there too). This has come from dropping in the seeds from a single Spanish onion seed head. Definitely worth saving seeds!

Winter has been good to the plants and everything has gone crazy. I've never had nasturtiums grow this big before. The leaves aren't looking so great any more, after weathering hail a couple of times.

The wormwood has exploded. I've been trimming it for the rabbits and chickens, too! I guess I need to trim it some more and I should look at drying some.

The first lot of sugar snap peas I planted have been flowering this last week, so we'll soon start getting peas.


Another bounty from a single plant going to seed are these butter lettuces (at least that's what my friend called them). These are only a fraction of what sprouted.

The orange tree is growing new leaves and flower buds are appearing. I’m looking forward to the smell the when the flowers open.

I haven't been able to keep on top of the weeds, so everything is getting equal opportunity to grow along with the food and medicine plants.

The nettles have been growing so well, I've been throwing some in for the chickens.



The lemonbalm has picked up with the winter rains. Hopefully I can keep it going in the summer.


Pigface peeping through the soursobs.

On the front I've finally finished terracing with the rocks. Hopefully now I'll be able to mulch more liberally without worrying so much about it all ending up at the bottom of the garden. Just in time for summer.

On the front, I've been trying to control the weeds and feed the soil at the same time by smothering them with ash, lawn clippings and the stuff I pulled out of the gutter earlier this week. There was a veritable garden growing in there and it even had its own earth worm. It was a fat, healthy worm, so it must be good stuff in there. Maybe gutter composting should be a thing.



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Wait.. the worm was in the gutter?

Darn things get everywhere! Good job I rescued it, summer would have dried it out.

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It's all so beautiful! Imagine, spring in September.... I love having people from other places here, because I get to see several springs each year. :))

It's still weird, even after 11 years here. I've always associated August with the approach of autumn, they even start with the same letters! I guess here August feels like autumn instead. Lol

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Oh my god everything is going really well!! I won't have tomatoes in for at least a month!! We had a frost this morning. I'll post mine tomorrow morning. Everything looks really beautiful!!!

We've been getting cold nights, but some sun in the day these last few days. I'm still amazed that the tomatoes are somehow growing, though.

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Abundance everywhere!!!

Don’t waste the nettles on the chooks — if you don’t want them send them over to me!!!

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I've been eating them and drying them, but I just don't have the time to keep on top of them all! I don't consider it wasted on the chooks. They provide our eggs, so healthy chooks means healthy eggs.

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Looking very good, @minismallholding!!
Thanks for joining.
(In the future, can you maybe add a link to the challenge post to your update?)

Sorry, I just read the pinned bit, didn't see the note after it.

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What a beautiful garden. Love to seat around and look each of the plant. Is there any specific reason the straws were spread on the soil?

Mulch, helps retain water but also might protect from cold/frost which could still be around at this time of year.

Oh I see, this is not in practice here
..we prefer to feed the cows rather. All because the climatic condition we have in here....

As well as protecting the soil and keeping the weeds down, the straw is from the rabbit cages, so it will have their manure in to feed the plants, too.

Ohh..multi speciality....multi purpose

Multi purpose is my favourite way to go. ;D

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That is best aspect to make maximum use

Plants will now be lively and everywhere will be serene. It's time to welcome spring.

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Spring is wonderful. I do love the changes in the seasons. Did you get much variation in Nigeria? I see its fairly close to the equator.

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Your calendula looking especially lovely, as are your violets. What do you DO with so much lettuce? Serious question. Just give it away? Sell it? Swap it?

Enjoyed the wander through your garden. :)

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Haha! This is actually the first time I've had this much lettuce. They haven't hearted up yet, so at the moment we are just harvesting the outer leaves as needed and the chickens or rabbits have been getting the ones with too many bug holes. I hadn't thought any further than that. Neighbours and buy nothing group maybe?

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All the things are growing!

Is that a rooster among the chickens eyeing off the lettuce? XD

The weather has warmed up enough that JJ is thinking of getting more chookens once the rain clears up a bit more (so we can clean out the coop I guess) so we'll be starting all that up again soon :)

I had to go back and look! Yes, that's our boy Roast and he loves to tell his ladies that he's getting food for them, every time I go in that run, or just near his run. Of course, I can't let him down, so I always pass something through the fence.

You'll have to share some pics when you get the new chookens. Make sure you tag me if you do. :D

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