Wedding Cake [New Fav. Outdoor Strain]?!

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Okay so I decided that Wedding Cake is my new favorite outdoor strain. It reminds me a lot of Northern Lights ... strong growth ... the clone takes to outdoors well ... fast growing leaves [some are hand sized already]! I have a weird feeling this is going to be one of thsoe plants that grows 9 and 11 fingered leaves. You can tell it is going to be a giant!

After a single epsom salt feeding [and verm + worm castings] and topping the plant, the Wedding Cake is really starting to green up a lot [All the plants were a bit unhealthy from having to plant young clones outdoors too early]. You can't even tell this pheno was a clone though! It looks like it's from seed already! What a beautiful female.
Look how healthy this soil is! There used to be a chicken feeding area here. You can see that the constant compost and chicken scat has really done magic on the soil! This is what store bought soil WISHES it could be! Flexes muscles. Is there a term for rotating around livestock to soil your whole property? That is sort of what I did on accident.

I must also mention that I have added many good things to the soil like cow manure, peat moss, coco coir, verm, worm castings, liquid mycelium etc. I have also added a lot of wood hummus and raw paper products.

Great genetics. Check. Great soil. Check.

Has anyone here grown Wedding Cake? Maybe I lucked out and got a good pheno for outdoors. I'll have to do some research ... maybe it's an outdoor strain! I've been so busy that I haven't researched the strains I bought. Things will slow down with the garden soon and during the summer it's basically be on auto pilot. All I will have to do is water correctly and train the plants. Stay tuned this female will put on quite a few pounds over the next few months! ;)

Hope everyone is well.

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Hey man....welcome to weedcash. Thats a healthy looking plant 😉 yeah i am currently growing Wedding Cake and its becoming my favorite also. My seeds were from Barneys Farm..where did you find urs..

This is definitely one of those special strains..😀

Out of all my strains this smells the best 😉 i have 2 mother plants in bud and one of them smells amazingly fruity :)

Here's one of my cuttings I just put in the ground...


Peace, G.

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Thanks! Yours looks good too .... it's one of those strains you have to take off branches it's growing so big! I might have to clone it.

Dam that is some healthy soil, Are you gonna scrogg this one to?

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Nice work! And yeah wedding cake is one of my favorites too. So so good!

Thank you. It's growing very quickly. I can tell it's the best genetics I got this round.