New Face Masks for Sale on the Weedcash Store [UPDATED]

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THESE MASKS ARE NOW ONLY AVAILABLE VIA THIS POST ONLY! Neck Gaiters will be replacing these items soon.

THESE MASKS ARE NOW ONLY AVAILABLE VIA THIS POST ONLY! Neck Gaiters will be replacing these items soon.

Keep yourself and your family safe while supporting your favorite cannabis social network!

Get your Weedcash logo mask on the store today! Selling for $12 plus shipping... Can pay in Hive, HBD, WEED, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, USDC, DAI, and fiat.

2 different styles... Logo as seen above and then the full tagline as shown below:


Get your's today!

Weedcash Logo mask:

Weedcash.Network tagline mask:



#antimasker here..


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Well in places where we have to wear them inside businesses, they could be a conversation starter about our awesome community, I am thinking in dispensaries and such.

I personally don't care about politics, I care about informing people of our community any way I can do we can help usher in a new way of doing things.

I am 100% against wearing a mask.. in fact if you ask me to I will refuse #dickhead

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Cool, don't wear one. Do your thing bud. Just giving options.

It's good to see you can get the mask with cryptocurrency

The more we can have out there for sale using these currencies, the less dependent we are on the old systems.

Yeah right and it's easy too

I wonder if it's a good place to hide some weed. lol

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It's a great place to hide some edibles, lol.

ppl getting so fckin triggered over this post 😂🤣😂

Yeah I so too

Man is there a guide to how to link my hive pay to my website

They just have the developer page and there is a form builder that you can use that makes it easy to create a button that you can copy and paste the form, but you will need an IPN page and database setup for notifications, that is not as straight forward. You will also need to create a thank you page. Hivepay is developed by a different group, I am just going to be integrating it into Hivelist.

If you have a Wordpress site they have a plugin coming out soon.

Thanks for letting me know

@thelogicaldude, One thing is for sure and that is Crypto is becoming New Lifestyle. Stay blessed.

It is, I am working hard to do what I can to help usher in a new economy, one HiveCommerce site at a time. Thank you sir!

Welcome and good luck. 👍


I reviewed the token for the @spinvest team last monday and was very impressed with your store.

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Thanks for the feedback!

cant order from holland 🥺

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I will check on that and let you know. May be just a shipping setting.

CBD and hemp products are only available in the US and Canada. I will check the settings for the print products

cool I looking forward to order a shurt abd more

So I checked and everything on my end is correct. We use a couple of different vendors for our print products to try and get the best prices, I have been told that if the customer doesn't get the shipping option then they don't ship to that area. I am trying to get more clarity on places they do and do not deliver. Sorry for the trouble. If we have to, we can do a manual order on my end and I will have it shipped to me, then will relay it to you.

I orderd one today via btc I payed I had troubles with creditcard
I might order a lot more to sell at shops we will see

ps the creditcard isu was on my side. card was not valid turn out so no wurry there

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I think it works now and I will order this week I will let you know its me

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Your order is being processed! Square might not have liked your card for some reason. I can't use PayPal for fiat on this site because we sell CBD products and my account will get suspended for that so Square is our only fiat option. But the BTC payment went through wonderfully. Just learned about this VAT thing you guys have over there... lol...

VAT thing ? lol yes btc works fine 😋

a I see tax

I will not wear those things. There is no need for them. I do not support the agenda to control people through fearing each other.

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This was not meant to be a political statement, it’s an option for those that live in places that are mandated to walk into businesses, like Oregon, which is a recreational state with a bunch of dispensaries that you can still go in if you have a mask...I would rather start a conversation around our community and how we are trying to create something better. If you don’t believe in it that is fine, I don’t either, but not everyone believes the same way your or I do, so I am just giving options for the entire community.

Options under a mandate are not something I care to profit from.

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