Does anybody on WeedCash make CUSTOM GLASS pieces?

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Any glassmiths around?

Looking to possibly pick up a new water pipe of sorts. I’m very much into colorful and other-worldly designs. I no longer own my collection of longnecks pictured below.


Had to start completely over and only have my smaller alien piece (with a chipped down-stem). Don’t get me wrong, it’s still well-kept and always gets the job done. Just can’t take giant rips from it due to its smaller size.


Basically I’m hoping to find somebody on Steem/WeedCash or a connection through someone on here to a #glassblower outside of Steem. The catch, I would need them to be willing to accept some form of #cryptocurrency instead of fiat, for instance #steem #sbd #bitcoin or even #weedcash. It would be a lot easier for me that way, instead of having to fork over fiat that I use for bills and such.

Can you help me?

Any recommendations please leave in the comments below.
If you don’t want to give out personal info publicily then the contact form on my website also works.


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The only steemian I know of is @borofreak. We actually got one from him a while back for a Canna-Curate giveaway, he does great work.

Awesome! Thank you for the info. I am going to check out his page.
What is the best method of contact? Does he have a website?