I don't smoke anymore but I did discover CBD oil and I use it from time to time to relax mainly.

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I remember that back in my day the Netherlands was one of the few places where buying weed was allowed.

I'm happy to see that this mindset is changing.

I don't smoke myself anymore but I did discover CBD oil and I use it from time to time to relax mainly.

It works well for me with no side effects.

This is my first post on Weedcash and I don't even know if this is the reason this site exists.

I'm mainly here today to see Scotbot at work under a different version of condenser with a new token.

I'm using keychain and the experience so far has been very smooth.


I did not know the post would also appear on Steemit.com.


tried to upvote you in weed lol

Did you make this comment on weedcash? I can only see this one and not the ones I got on Steemit.com. Also when I upvote your comment it did takes from STEEMPOWER there.

yep comment on weed cash. same i upvoted you didnt show on weedcash but in steemit EDIT: just upvoted your comment in weedcash shows zero WEED

You must have Weed Staked. That explains it.

I'll ask around. thanks for the feedback when I know why, I'll let you know.

I'll ask around. thanks
For the feedback when I know
Why, I'll let you know.

                 - exyle

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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Hey babe 💖

Hi babe 💖

Welcome!! Great stuff here and Weedcash the real first move to SMT.

Thank you! Do you know why my vote is not registering on Weedcash yet? Do I need the token first?

Yes you must have Weed Staked.

@chronocrypto, Non weed posts are considered as Spam on Weedcash or it's fine?

Thank you.

What is up Brethren!!? Good to see you here!

I am doing great brother, thank you for asking. And great to hear from you after a long time. How about you brother?

Very well thank you!

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Great to hear that brother. Have a amazing time ahead.


How can I collect WEED?

You must buy. It than you stake it and earn more weed by adding #weedcash.

I never purchased WEED in my life... are you telling me it's time to do it? 🙄😂

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Sorry for using your post to test this, but #weedcash.

I think a lot of steemians need Some of that do they can relax and stop freaking out about prices

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CBD oil is awesome 👍 glad it's working for ya!

Just for the people wondering what the hell I'm doing. I was trying to make a post on https://www.weedcash.network to try it out. Like I try out all development on Steem.

It's built with Scotbot. read all about it here.

When you do that it's also displayed on steemit. I did not know. But now you do!

Yes, at first things didn't work but it went through eventually :)

Great post @exyle , thank you for sharing ;) I have been using CBD hemp oil and also "full spectrum" RSO type oil for around 6 months to treat the "remains" of a Glioblastoma Brain Tumour that I had removed in December 2018 (see my previous posts). So good I became an affiliate... ;) - https://granjacia.com/ref/nhxsai/

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CBD Oil is great.

I'm still trying to figure out what weedcash is. I haven't tried CBD yet, but I will next time I go somewhere it is sold in the shop. I'm planning a trip to Canada soon and I hear it is sold there.

Cannabis oil or weed is very helpful, but most of the countries restricted this one. It has various power to heal pain and other issues. Just relax with the cbd.

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Smoking is injurious to health, but someone urgue with me that some of the weed can help you and its oil. Now its assure me its nothing wrong but may be benifit, enjoy your relaxing time with CBD.

I bought some gummies from Hemp Bombs.
I read about their proprietary process and reviews.
It does help relax and without the THC.
Great product.
Tried posting on weedcash but very slow.
Maybe try later.

Wait, is there a site for weed? And how do you use this oil?

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oh wow 144.38 weed from steemitqa

Good to see new "whales"! This will be a breath of fresh air for communities.

lol i went and bought one weed, staked it and upvoted my comment and post in weed. turned out i upvoted myself 100% in steem also

Oh boy! Another new thing to figure out! Glad to see you exploring the new avenues on Steem! I am still figuring out how to get steem from Freedomex. God help ne i hope today u will finally gave time and energy to get it done. And, to get a post out explaining my experience with the process. But, i really want to do this weed cash thing too! Ahhhh! The struggle 🤹‍♀️

Now its getting legal all around

Now that the post has appeared on steemit.com, I’m glad reading it. Stay relax friend.

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But i love to smoking and feel good to spread smoke around me from my mouth, weed call me yeah!

I am on Busy and I see it... Have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!

@exyle, Just want to know one thing, I've bought Weed and Staked it on Steem-engine but not yet my vote is counted on Weedcash. There is any minimum limit of Weed to be staked to get the voting right or there is any other process?

Thank you.

Good question, @chireerocks!

Thank you for noticing it. Have a great time ahead.

Have a great time you too! 👍

Thank you so much.

I want to get some of that for my dog. She has severe anxiety issues and I want to see if that helps her with them. I can't imagine it is good for her heart to go through all of the anxiety she does. I want something that will help her relax and calm down.

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✌ Now this is exactly what I am looking for my Arthritis pain @exile , I also used to smoke many years ago but not anymore and want something for pain that does not get me High lol! Awesome post, upped and resteemed!✌❤🙋
( this is my first time commenting and checking out the weedcash network, not sure really how it works but its pretty cool so far!! How does it pay you in WEED!? )

Quitter! Lolz! Just as long as you are getting some cannabiniods is the important thing...

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Can the oil really help with cancer?

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Yeah CBD is great for many things. Great gift from Gaia.

Is there a way to sign up with Steemconnect or just using the posting key?