Introduce Yourself to Edenbuxx {100 Hive prize}.

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Welcome to the very first edenbuxx competition! - - >INTRODUCE YOUSELF TO EDENBUXX CHALLENGE < - - We are giving away 100 Hive 180 Lotus and 20 Edenbuxx!


To enter: Make a post introducing your gardening content. Post it HERE - - >



#1. Entrees must be posted into the Edenbuxx community.

#2. Entrees must be titled "Introduction to Edenbuxx."

#3. Must be original gardening content.

#4. Entrees must use the tag "edenbuxx".



1st place: 50 Hive 180 Lotus and 20 Edenbuxx

2nd place: 30 Hive

3rd place: 20 Hive

Winners will be selected by the quality of their post. Contest will last for 2 weeks. Winners will be selected by @a1-shroom-spores @taintedblood and @ecoinstant.


That's pretty sweet. I've been growing peppers and some spices so I will maybe contribute directly to the community. Is there also a front-end website available?

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There's no front end. We are going to have stake based voting right on the peakd community!

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It seems the competition's ending has been set for one week later...
am I still the only one posted an introduction?! :)

We extended the contest to try and get a 3rd entry. I don't think you need to worry about getting 2nd place though ;)

It's alright! no worries... :)