Important Update on Weekly Payouts.

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For the past several weeks, the @ecosaint account has been giving away free #weedcash and #edenbuxx tokens to the top 12 Richlist users for the #Edenbuxx token.
The weedcash and lotus was coming from the liquid tokens from @a1-shroomspores {the writer of this article}. This was working well until I found ways to increase my weedcash payouts and started blogging more often. I am now making WAY too much #weedcash to give away the way we have been doing it.


But wait a minute?! Why not just give out more #weedcash and #lotus?!
Because it's unsustainable and we can give out more tokens overall with staked voting. This new system will be a 360 win for the #edenbuxx devs and for the HOLDERS {you, dear reader}.
Basically, I {@a1-shroom-spores} am delegating large amounts of #Weedcash and #Lotus to the voting account {@ecosaint}.


First, I delegated 10K #Lotus. I am very high up on the #Lotus richlist. For those of you who don't know, the #lotus token is for a natural medicine based #hive-engine front end. This token is an obvious choice to pair with our #gardening project.

all you have to do to receive free #lotus votes is to post into the #Edenbuxx community! {Use the tag "naturalmedicine"}.


Next, I delegated 1995 #weedcash tokens to the voting account. I will be delegating more #Weedcash over time {I have 11 weed miners}.

all you have to do to receive free #weedcash votes is to post into the #Edenbuxx community! {Use the tag "weedcash"}.

This new system of delegated tokens is smart for several reasons:
1. People will blog on different front ends to receive the tokens now. Proof of work > Micropayouts.
2. Instead of giving away tokens we will vote for you. This means over time we will retain the tokens instead of them being sold. In other words, the edenbuxx team will gain value while we give out votes: Instead of just giving free tokens and losing profit.

Party!!!! Yeah man sounds fun

Good morning, the new system is fine since we are not in this precisely to lose, but to grow in our communities and bear expenses and generate, my question, what do you suggest with the EDENBUXX tokens in my possession? @ecosaint