Thor (Thorlakshofn) vs Keflavík . Icelandic "premier league". (15 DUNK token giveaway for 10 accounts!). NBA WARMUP!

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Thór Thorlakshofn vs Keflavík

Where else but in an obscure place like Iceland does every small town and at times it seems farmhouse hosts their own basketball team on surprisingly competitive high class basketball.

Feeling tonight's games approach, as i was placing my bets i saw from the corner of my eye "Icelandic Premier League" and fair enough they had a game on. There around mid 3rd quarter with the home team given favourable odds for maintaining their small lead on the strong Keflavík team.

Anyway, as soon as i had placed my bet, as clockwork like yesterday's game, the home team collapses into itself. Managing to lose their lead down to a tiebreaker before rallying their forces for a pushback, regaining and now as there are 4 minutes left, they seem to have comfortably settled the game...

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However, if they stay clear, it's going to be a good evening for Mr.Photo. And in that case i am giving away 15 DUNK tokens to the 10 first accounts commenting on this thread their favourite Icelandic Basketball team. (you can find registry online if you happen to know non, lol!) .

Enjoy tonights game guys, if i have time im gonna be watching that Nets vs Bucks. putting too much monnie on them No good Nets, but that´s another story.

Until then, have a wonderful evening!

EythorPhoto. ;)


Had no idea that Iceland had a basketball league, but went ahead and did some research. My favorite team is now Njardvik because I support the under dogs and they were the last team in the league that is not getting relegated. So go Njardvik, they will bring the title home next year!

Lol! that would be a MASSIVE feat! however they are the town that is now almost empty becouse we had a US military base, Keflavík and Njardvik hail from that area and at first were dominating becouse of the American influence.

Have a nice evening!

I will post a link with photo of 15 DUNK transfer to your acount as soon as i figure out the tecnicals.


Friend, I have no idea about the icelandic league. but I choose Tindastoll

Heard it was a great game, but just so you know the weed tribe is for cannabis and psychedelic content only. Thanks

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I like Thor to take the win because that is a sick name. That thought process is about equivalent to my betting strategy, hence why I am stopping LOL. Instead of sending me DUNK, why not power up 15 DUNK to your account in my honor! Hope the game is an enjoyable one

It is a good idea to stack the Dunk, I also did it to help with the healings and that the value of the fence stabilizes.

I will "self-DUNK" in your honour good sir!...þ. have a !BEER atleast! :)