Dark Web package unboxing

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Hello, most of us will have heard of the tor browser and be aware of the dark web but most will have never tried it. I first used the dark web back in 2012, there's a lot of dark shit on it but you'll only find what you're looking for in most cases. Remember it has no censorship so anything goes, sites about making bombs, others leaking hidden government files, anything goes. I personally would never download any file from the dark web due to the fear it would be child porn are something but with caution, it's relatively safe to use as your anonymous on the tor network but with caution. I just find amazing to look through and read stuff, it's just very interesting to me.

Anyways, i did order from one of the marketplaces, i don't think I've ever seen a dark web unboxing video before. I am not gonna say which marketplace i ordered from are explain the ordering process. If you are interested, you'll figure it out, its not that hard.

Please forgive me, i had not woke up and not even brushed my hair, lmao

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I always wanted to use the dark web. Now I don't use dope, so I guess i have no need for it. I live in California, so cannabis is something I don't have to seek out. I suppose if i do relapse and go hard again, i may have to give this a try.

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If you can buy it from a legit shop, i go for that every time. It's never happened to me but i wonder what will happen when a package does not show up. They reship for free? lol

I know what I heard of the old Silk Road was you where able to leave reviews. So maybe out of the buisness aspect they will try again? Lol

Good to see my package arrived to you. ;) Just kiddin.

wink wink :)

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Anyway im so happy to have weedcash where i know the tech is public as opposed to private https://voice.com which i use but requites a US PASSPORT or Us driverse license . Its obviously a CIA project lol and theyre just so fucking lamw for ruining stewmit eos and now voice but hive snd telos and free market originals and will survive and befome valuabke pyschedelic and eztra twrresttial... when we go to space our weed comes with us. We will smuggle cannabis weeds to moon and mars and no one can stop us lol

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