Canada drug store chain to use blockchain to trace cannabis

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Canada's biggest drug store chain said Monday it plans to use blockchain technology to trace the source of the cannabis it distributes, as part of an effort to set standards for the flourishing industry.

Shoppers Drug Mart said it was teaming up with Canadian software firm TruTrace to develop and deploy a pilot project to ensure the traceability of medical cannabis.

Shoppers vice president Ken Weisbrod said that for patients to feel confident about using medical cannabis, its source must be "traceable and accountable."

"When a patient takes medication, there is an expectation that it is standardized, and they can expect consistent clinical outcomes and results.

"Although that's not always a guarantee within the medical cannabis industry at the moment, we're hoping this new program can help change that," he said.

Popularized through its use in the creation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that can be used to verifiably record transactions.

The pilot project is slated to be launched this summer for deployment in pharmacies by November 2019, according to Shoppers, which has 1,300 stores.

Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2001, and its recreational use was completely legalized in October 2018.

About 5.4 Canadians have purchased cannabis since October, including some 600,000 who said they had recently tried it for the first time, according to federal statistics agency.

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Great news for cryptocurrency.

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I’m not meaning to be the negative Nancy here, but is it not odd that they claim medical weed and recreational weed are separate entities.l? if tracing for the safety of product why are they not doing the same for already existent “Big Pharma” pills? Why crypto? I’m thinking this is a form of keeping an eye on who’s making the money folks, or putting tax dollars into a private entities hands... I don’t think your gonna be able to trace it for the same reason taxation can’t all be truly accounted for... if your running a currency that is not traceable who’s to say what went where?
If I give you five dollars that I got for raking a yard to purchase a gram from you... you take the five and put it under your bed until you trade that same currency for what ever you wish... so long as it never made it to an account where that currency has now made a connection to your name, no one knows that five dollars ever got your hand except the two doing the exchange.
Just like taxation, should you work 1099 and the guy paying out, instead of reporting a contractor (1099) expense, he slips what he paid you into a vehicle expense or in another place where he won’t lose out and it doesn’t effect you.
I don’t think they are going to find success with this program. To me it seems like a false sense of security and a waste of your people’s tax dollars.

I think one primary goal is standardization which will give growers/suppliers and consumers a better level of safety when it comes to the product they are consuming. I see it as a step towards proper supply chain management. There will always be black markets but for the clear markets this could be a good thing.

You have to remember that the governments are largely controlled by the big pharma lobbies and that they will do anything to keep their power and control over the populace.

I’m still not exactly sure how they are thinking they are going to be proactive through crypto markets? A crypto markets advantage is the ability to stay i the dark... it just seems counter productive if accountability is the goal.

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Also, from how government entities have handles this subject in the past this is honestly the only black market I feel safer in than allowing any government to continue to regulate a product that really requires no need for regulation. If your worried about safety..: grow your own the same way of someone is scare of salmonella, they grow there own vegetables.

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At this point I am for anything that is different from the status quo. In Colorado testing has shown large numbers of samples to be contaminated with various chemicals from shitty fertilizers and other additives idiot growers use. This caused them to start instituting testing to ensure cleanliness of the product. So there is a need for tracking and safety whether industry or government, at least the process will be started and can be augmented to work better as they learn more.

If safety of the product were to be the only thing monitored I could understand that. However, I think the responsibility lies at the feet of the consumer in that instance, not the foot of the government.
I think we both agree already that big Pharma not only controls, it owns. But how... through money of course... marijuana is a huge industry and if government has shown us one thing repetitively in the past is that the rules we create usually aren’t followed by those who can afford not too.
Buying off politicians and such seems to be just a cost of doing business when it comes to money making markets.
For being the responsibility of the consumer I think it would be way more effective than any government strategy would ever work.

For instance... I grow marijuana... organic marijuana in Michigan. I use absolutely no pesticides at all. All my fertilizers are made with table scraps and compost... I use predatory insects in place of pesticides and my end product usually shows it with s shell of two of lady bugs. However... for my patrons I test every product I distribute. There is a lab open to the product called iron labs in widow Michigan that tests every level of food and medicine in their facility.
Every person that buys from me is given a copy of the test results weather they asked for it or not. I do this because I want people to know what they are getting when they come to me. When I purchase cannabis, I expect the same. Testing is absolutely key to ensure purity. I agree with that. That does not need a law to be established though... it needs consumer drive and people willing to say that they will not buy a product unless it reaches a certain verifiable standard by the purchaser.
It just seems that this is another way of allowing the government more power that what they should hold in any one area.
To each his own of course. I still think it’s a dangerous game of trust fall going on.

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