Men Who Regularly Smoke Marijuana Are At An Increased Risk Of Testicular Cancer, New Study Reports

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FUD, more FUD. Prohibitionists gonna do what they gonna do. Even fund studies to report negatively.

Don’t misread this study. In fact, just read what it is: it is a small meta-study analyzing previous studies (only 25) to make a conclusion. 

Not that long ago, a much larger meta study, analyzed the same and came to vastly different outcomes.

When studies like that hit the waves, always try to discover what the scope was and if they may contradict previous work. With actual studied observations or just dug in some papers to create catchy headlines, sponsored by a prohibitionist think tank.


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More bullshit propaganda pushed from the powers that should not be.

Studies like this shouldn't even be conducted, unless the testers are willing to take every other lifestyle variable into account, which in effect would create so many more open ended questions, and still doesn't take into account that every human being is different, and no two people live the same exact lives. Bs, just pure bs.

hell, but they're high and happy, who can blame them?