He's the talk of L.A.'s marijuana industry

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The amazing story of an African American who help other minority African American business operators obtain marijuana licenses in the crowded and ultra-competitive Los Angeles market.

After having started a chicken wings restaurant, he changed focus and started successfully helping other minority owners.

Read: He's the talk of L.A.'s marijuana industry.

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Its really interesting. I never used toi agree with that stuff but after seeing the blatent racism of pricing out black people from cannabis licenses, i cant argue with it... its straight up systemic racism when you go from making weed illegal and putting mostly black people in jail (wether you think its their fault or not, besides the point as the end result is just jailing blacks...and then you legalize it and say only whites can afford it? fuck....)

At least here in San DIego I have heard of a program that allows minority cannabis business owners to get licensed cheaper, they made sure to create vouchers, and yeah its not fair to price people out after you just incarcerated their entire race group for cannabis.... such a slap in the face...

Here in San Diego I see mostly hispanic and Caldean and Asians in charge of dispensaries I go to :D The white people all have their dispensaries in Point Loma, Mission valley , east county lol

We always used to say up at UC Santa Cruz, cannabis unites all races.

It will be a nice day when race and gender are not a field on (application) forms anymore but we are still some decades away from that.

And I say the above as a white male expat living in South-East Asia, having rejected many opportunities due to race bonus/privilege I benefit as "Caucasian".

PS: in LA majority of equity licenses were not handed out because... regulators didn't like background of applicants.