Service puppy fundraiser!!! Puppy dreams and expectations.

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Well. Definitely a big deal is getting this hole in my heart and life taken care of.

And hopefully my motorcycle will take a dent out of it.

So. We will see what the total.on the fundraiser will be. It is getting serious. Especially if I can get my end in as $3500-$3600.

Nothing could come close to replacing Zeus. Nothing.

What did he do?


Mobility. He was an anchor and as well pulled on command. He would fetch all kinds of things for me. Especially his ball... Opening doors turning off lights.

Assistance. He had a killer drive to be constantly at my side. So again helping carry things.

Here from the ADA website. And I'll definitely include the link for a cited source.....

Psychiatric Service Dog is a dog that has been trained to perform tasks that assist individuals with disabilities to detect the onset of psychiatric episodes and lessen their effects. Tasks performed by psychiatric service animals may include reminding the handler to take medicine, providing safety checks or room searches, or turning on lights for persons with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, interrupting self-mutilation by persons with dissociative identity disorders, and keeping disoriented individuals from danger.


So. Here it is. What was my service dog to me? My life. Having and suffering from PTSD isn't easy. Ironically a PTSD dog that is able to bond with its owner has a huge benefit to its owner. No training needed as the dog innately senses distress. And a trained service dog with this capability is highly prized and very needed.

And not only the fact that my dog brought me so much support it also happens to be an amazing thing that my dog really had a connection with so many people. Him being so confident in all sorts of situations was amazing.

And safety checks and searches... Well there is this line. Zeus was highly protective. Instantly ready to defend me. So much so we had extra training so he knew it was ok to shake my hand or touch me and hug... And also my attention to his safety. His wellbeing. If I was in a dangerous situation what will happen to dog? Big worry.

So what doesn't a service dog help with? That's a hard question. For someone with PTSD it's priceless to have this.

What do I need....

The right puppy from solid lines with a good health record from a quality breeder. The perfect template to bond. The compacity to have a solid temperament and proper puppy training and upbringing. One that is solid in high stress environmental conditions. If that's around a crowded event, or with my nieces and nephews. Having the instilled breed standard of kennel and training with the parents would be my ideal dream.

The perfect template to bond emotionally and make that trust bond. Huge for a service dog for a PTSD sufferer. It is all about that connection.

My expectations in return

This puppy is absolutely going to have a forever home.

Sleep at my side if not right next to the bed. (Zeus chose when it was hot to snuggle nose to nose and not covered, but when it was cold? Inside the covers)

High standard of training. Basics of obedience is not an issue. I also have Cesar Milan and Leerburg access for training material. As well as others. I'm never opposed to these materials. Let alone a family connection with a Millitary Working Dog program instructor.

Love. With all my heart. We will travel and experience life to the fullest together.
Prompt attention for any medical issues. I'm very over protective already and this is going to continue. The medical center we go to is one of the best we have ever seen. And if you can't donate to us?

Exercise and fitness. This helps me be active. Even the days I don't feel like being active or doing things? Having that responsibility to exercise with my dog? Huge health benefits.

What did Zeus Flatsak do for me.

Holder of 3 of the 5 requirements for a service dog in his ability to provide care. Phenomenal job in of itself. Extremely confident with basic obedience. Great with kids and especially the elderly.

That's hard to measure.
As a companion he was priceless. Clowning and goofy was his weapons.
Highly smart and eager to please it wasn't hard to get him to comply with any task.

Sleep... The forgotten one. Having a service dog trained for PTSD is something you don't notice until they are gone. The ability to sleep soundly knowing you will get a growl then bark alert for any potential issues. I'm highly against an attack dog or any training that direction. For liability of us and others. Protection for the dog I love and care for. It's not needed.

Assistance. Well during summer we didn't use his harness and packs as much as we hoped. He did love it. That was a big excited trip for Zeus was when he got to pack stuff.

Mobility... Oh anytime he needed to be a help? He had it. From pulling me up slopes, to being a handrail defending them, as well as being an anchor? He had it all. Phenomenal job anytime I needed.


Zeus getting a full burrito. Yeah he was skinny and got lots of treats. He never wanted to miss a snack. Earned the title Lover of Chickenstrips.


Adventure dog. He loved getting to see the world. We loved going to forests. I'd cut some escrima sticks? And wow. Here we go. The ends and chunks guess who had a billion sticks?

As hard as he played? He loved his nap times. And snuggling. If it wasn't summer he was demanding covers and his snuggle spot. And knew when to cuddle with and where. I'd wake up and he would be happy and next to me.


Our last picture together. I was devastated. The rack behind me has tags of all the other dogs that passed. I still tear up even thinking of that day.

Our way to give back.

Well this is a great one.

Community support and volunteer work. Which is a reason that we are asking for the help.

@rainbowbridge account/community. To help and support the dogs and dog owners. In the future we would like to help support the service dogs and their owners. Fundraisers for similar situations. And to acknowledge those service heros that give so much to us. And that's another thing I'd like help with if others are interested and want to get involved.

And continue to help others. And having a service dog is another way we can help others. Zeus was always ready to love on someone and touch them with his positive touch. He could clown and bring a smile to a needed face and life.

And many thanks for all of you.

He can't be replaced but his new service dog will be loved with all my heart.

Donor list

100 hive from @ thelogicaldude

104 steem from @jonyoudyer

90 hive from @cowboyblazerfan

75 hive from @porters

34 hive from @knowhow92

10 hive from @chireerocks

All these people are adding on top of my own $1000 life savings.

Hopefully my motorcycle will sell.and add that to the pile.

Thanks from the bottom of both our hearts.

You can also directly donate to
And that will definitely be something I can keep my eye on please remind me if you do so I can include you with the donor list.


Zeus Flatsak seemed like a wonderful companion and service dog!
Just sent 75 Hive to @zeusflatsak
Hope you get a new service dog soon!

Many thanks. He is amazing. Unmatched in loyalty. I was blessed to be apart of his life and to have him care so much about me.

Editing to add your donation to the list.

Many thanks. It will be going to this endeavor.

Thank you so much

@ganjafarmer, This Journey looks and sounds unbelievable and so emotional. Dogs are a blessing and in my opinion there is no loyal friend like a Dog.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed always.

It was a total shock.

Yeah Zeus has has tummy issues and the hip dysplasia surgery issue.

But for this to happen? It was a total shock. I'm heartbroken.

Taking some time to mourning isn't easy. Id rather give anything to have my best friend back.

But I had to do the best thing. Low chances of recovery? Massive pain and assured by the vet that he would have a hard life even surviving the surgery?...

He walks on and will always be my best friend. His collar still hangs with me and I pet it when I start driving.

He touched so many people... That's the true blessing. He had a knack and talent for sniffing someone out that needed loves and that smile he could bring out.

Praying and hope that soon you will come out of this Deep Pain. Stay blessed always.

Thank you. It's small steps. Hoping the motorcycle sells and I can get more funding to go towards this project.

Welcome and stay blessed.

And so many thanks for your support.

Welcome and stay blessed.

Being a dog lover, can't imagine what you going through. Passed this on in hopes others will notice.

I have so many thank yous and so much appreciation to give the entire community.

All of the sport has definitely helped as well as remembering such an amazing living being.

I am truly humbled by all of the love and support everyone has shown me.

Today is not an easy day hopefully selling my van will end up getting me closer to getting my amazing dog back in my life.

Sent you what I had, 23 HIVE and some change. Hope you can get it situated too man.

I'll edit the post I just published to include you. Many thanks.

With what I have and the donations it is showing me the world does care and has been touched by a simple dog. And I'll continue to help others as when I need help others help me.

Many thanks. And my works to help others will continue to be a cornerstone of my life.