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RE: Service puppy fundraiser!!! Puppy dreams and expectations.

in #disabilities6 months ago

Being a dog lover, can't imagine what you going through. Passed this on in hopes others will notice.


I have so many thank yous and so much appreciation to give the entire community.

All of the sport has definitely helped as well as remembering such an amazing living being.

I am truly humbled by all of the love and support everyone has shown me.

Today is not an easy day hopefully selling my van will end up getting me closer to getting my amazing dog back in my life.

Sent you what I had, 23 HIVE and some change. Hope you can get it situated too man.

I'll edit the post I just published to include you. Many thanks.

With what I have and the donations it is showing me the world does care and has been touched by a simple dog. And I'll continue to help others as when I need help others help me.

Many thanks. And my works to help others will continue to be a cornerstone of my life.