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RE: Service puppy fundraiser!!! Puppy dreams and expectations.

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@ganjafarmer, This Journey looks and sounds unbelievable and so emotional. Dogs are a blessing and in my opinion there is no loyal friend like a Dog.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed always.


It was a total shock.

Yeah Zeus has has tummy issues and the hip dysplasia surgery issue.

But for this to happen? It was a total shock. I'm heartbroken.

Taking some time to mourning isn't easy. Id rather give anything to have my best friend back.

But I had to do the best thing. Low chances of recovery? Massive pain and assured by the vet that he would have a hard life even surviving the surgery?...

He walks on and will always be my best friend. His collar still hangs with me and I pet it when I start driving.

He touched so many people... That's the true blessing. He had a knack and talent for sniffing someone out that needed loves and that smile he could bring out.

Praying and hope that soon you will come out of this Deep Pain. Stay blessed always.

Thank you. It's small steps. Hoping the motorcycle sells and I can get more funding to go towards this project.

Welcome and stay blessed.

And so many thanks for your support.

Welcome and stay blessed.