Jack Herrer to the Rescue??

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So this worldwide virus is also having an effect on getting new Autoflower seeds since they cant be cloned each seed is a one-way grow only :) and with the way the world is around borders i can't get any sent:(

I have enough to keep my small tent going for a while but the off-site one which takes 9 at a time needs some rethinking :/

The plan is to grow a Feminised plant with my Autoflowers and clone off that, since my Auto's are on 24 hour light vegging this plant will hopefully just do that - Vege only
This is my hope below
In my tent is also 2 x Amnesia Haze auto's, they are 25 days old and are getting the Low-Stress training treatment

So hopefully my plan comes off as i really do like Jack from a mate who grew some 8 odd months ago.

All pictures are mine except the below one i stole off Fuckbook

I am @dr-autoflower



Wow man, damn the 'rona - i'm hoping for ya!

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thanks, hoping this and the world gets sorted:)

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If you pull this off, you will be the first to clone an auto on the block chain, or at least to the best of my knowledge! Lot's say no you can't, but it can be done. If i can take cuttings from a photo period 2 weeks into flower, you can do autos too!