What is the Preferred?

in #community6 months ago

I love all of these new platform extensions that we now have here on Hive.blog

My favorite is weedcash.network

My question is what is the desire?

Should I just post to Hive.blog and allow the content to trickle to weedcash.network

Is that considered fresh, original content for weedcash?

I want to maximize my growth and will do that through the wisdom of the crowd.

So what are the general thoughts?

will post.jpg


Posting directly from Weedcash network will also publish your post to the Weedcash community on hive mind. Also @richardcrill throws bigger Weedcash votes, in return for supporting the network.

@richardcrill and @coffeebuds do a lot around here

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me too 🤗 i have never sold any of my weed tokens. all is staked 💯

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weedcash is my most favourite in this hive blog

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